Activities and Programs

  • Establishing standards of expectations for all programs, centers and departments within the University.
  • Maintaining an observational role in changes of expectations for students, academics and administrators so as to recommend necessary adaptations to the University’s strategic design.
  • Coordinating the external and internal evaluation processes for the various academic programs offered at An-Najah.
  • Organizing training workshops and seminars in coordination with quality assurance needs for University employees.

Altair Program

The Altair Program is designed to strengthen the institutional capacity of Arab higher education through policy, management and planning. Through maintaining open dialogue with institutions across the Arab region, An-Najah National University is able to stay abreast of the dynamic changes in higher education that manifest from the needs of a globalized society.

Good Friend Advisor Program

This unique program was designed to capitalize on the training and leadership of experienced academics at the university in developing the capacity of their fellow educators. Through interaction between these instructors, notable improvements in methodology, classroom communication and management, and general performance can be gained through advisement and assistance.

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