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Life on Campus

An-Najah hosts a series of extracurricular activities and offers students appropriate facilities to help reinforce their sense of belonging in the university.

An-Najah also facilitates forming students' clubs and students' council elections as well as organizing field trips and other services.

University Campus

The Old Campus was constructed on a 34 dunums of land and houses the Faculties of Humanities, Economics and Social Studies, Islamic Law, Educational Sciences and Honor. The Campus also hosts the Scientific and Languages Centers, the Administration, the Admission and Student Activities Buildings, a library and the Zafer Al-Masri Auditorium, in addition to the General Medicine and Dental Clinics.

In 2000, the University began the construction of the New Campus which houses the Faculties of Graduate Studies, Medicine, Science, Law, Fine Arts, Engineering and Information Technology, Optometry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Media and Physical Education.

The New Campus is also home to the Prince Turki Bin Abdul Aziz Theatre, the Hikmat Al-Masri Amphitheater, the Korean-Palestinian IT Institute of Excellence as well as a number of other facilities and laboratories. The New Campus features a state-of-the art library, a cutting-edge media centre, a new swimming pool, a sports complex and a mosque.

Hisham Hijjawi College of Technology, located east of Nablus, is a three floor facility with a total area of 12,500 square meters. The college was constructed according to the most advanced engineering standards.

Hijjawi College offers a wide range of programs relating to technology to its students, including industrial automation, telecommunications, computer networking, auto mechanics, mechanical engineering, graphic design and others.

In 1996, the Faculty of Agriculture was moved to the Khadouri Campus in Tulkarem, northwest of Nablus. The Faculty’s new site is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Palestine, as it is located only 14 km from the Mediterranean Sea. The campus' area is about 400 dunums and it houses a cow shed, chicken coops and land for cultivation. It hosts the Faculties of Agricultural Engineering and Veterinary Medicine, which are the only faculties of their kind in Palestine.

An-Najah National University Hospital aims at promoting the Palestinian health sector in the ‎different provinces and offering best treatment and medical services to its patients.‎

The Hospital administration aspires to combine offering medical services and medical ‎education for university students through its diverse departments and units. Through the ‎Hospital, An-Najah also offers health insurance for its students during their study years.‎

More for Students

The private sector offers thousands of housing options for students and staff near both the New and Old Campuses. An-Najah also offers local and international guest apartments which enliven areas like Juneid and  contribute to the economic and social development of Nablus.

An-Najah has cafeteria in each campus that offers students and staff food for reasonable costs. The cafeteria also offers meals to guests coming to An-Najah for conferences and social events.

The Old Campus cafeteria is located on a 650 m2 and accommodates 700-800 people whereas the New Campus's on 1500 m2 accommodating 1200-1500 people.

In cooperation with the private sector's institutions, An-Najah offers hundreds of cars to transfer students to and from its campuses. It also offers buses for the same purpose and for a reasonable price.

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