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Hosting Events

Realizing the essential role of culture in building generations and appreciating the ‎‎value of artistic creation, An-Najah National University dedicates part of its ‎buildings to extracurricular activities.‎

H.R.H. Turki Bin Abdul Aziz Theater

The Prince Turki Bin Abdul Aziz Theater is unique in Nablus because of its ‎professional grade equipment and its ability to accommodate large audiences. ‎Thus, An-Najah University is able to host various cultural activities and events ‎in this special venue including conferences and lectures, plays, folkloric art ‎performances, and film screenings.

Through cooperative administrative and technical efforts and with a generous ‎gift from Prince Turki, the University opened the Prince Turki Bin Abdul Aziz ‎Theater in 2006. ‎

The Prince Turki Bin Abdul Aziz Theater has a total area of 2185 m2 and can ‎host more than 870 people.‎

The theater has a 16m x 10m stage equipped with an automatic curtain. The ‎stage is very well-suited for plays and other performances.

Hikmat Al-Masri Amphitheater

With its unique open-air design, advanced systems, large capacity, and ‎picturesque setting, the Hikmat Al-Masri Amphitheater is considered one of ‎the main landmarks of the University’s new campus and of the city of Nablus. ‎Inaugurated in 2006, the amphitheater is equipped with the latest technological ‎equipment and the highest quality sound systems. Drawing guidance from an ‎American sound company, experts specially designed the sound system and ‎acoustics to address the complicated sound environment of an outdoor ‎theatre.

The maximum power of the speakers is almost 30 kilowatts and the ‎sound system of the amphitheater is considered the only one of its kind in the ‎Middle East. An expert technical team from An-Najah Radio Station (Voice of ‎An-Najah) operates the sound system.

Zafer Al-Masri Auditoriums

The Zafer Al-Masri Auditoriums, which totals 1300 square meters, were built ‎thanks to a generous donation of the Zafer Al-Masri Foundation. The ‎auditoriums opened in 1994 and include three facilities.

The main auditorium ‎can accommodate more than 400 people and is equipped with advanced sound ‎systems.The additional two auditoriums can accommodate more than 180 ‎students each and are used as classrooms and multi-purpose event rooms.

Hosting Events

The Hikmat Al-Masri Amphitheater is distinctive in Nablus for its interesting ‎design, high-quality equipment, and scenic overlook. An-Najah University is ‎hence able to host various cultural activities and events in the amptheater, ‎including: annual graduation ceremonies, theatrical performances, folklore ‎dances and art shows, and festivals.

  • Multi-colored stage lighting that can be programmed according to the ‎theater director’s desire.‎
  • Cyclorama lighting.‎
  • Six wireless clip microphones for actors.‎
  • Special rooms for actors in addition to an independent entrance.‎
  • A PVC layer for the stage floor which can be added for Dabkah (traditional ‎folkdance) shows.‎
  • A 9m X 5m automatically movable cinematic screen.‎
  • High quality LCD projector with 12000 lumens.‎
  • Playback systems type DvCam, VHS, VCD, DVD and computer ‎presentation through PAL system.‎
  • A 35 mm professional cinema system alongside a dolby surround sound ‎system.‎
  • Main three- way sound system and delayed speakers system (for the ‎balcony).‎
  • Specialized sound system for speeches for the hall and balcony.‎
  • Speaker monitoring system equipped with a 6-unit equalization system.‎
  • Multi-cable stage audio system that can accommodate more than 40 lines.‎
  • ‎26 high quality microphones (Vocal and Instrumental).‎
  • Digital mixing console (Type Yamaha).‎
  • Simultaneous interpretation system for interpretation in 4 languages.‎
  • Video conference system equipped with 2 remotely controlled cameras.‎

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