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An-Najah Center for Cancer and Stem Cell Research

Cancer and regenerative medicine are key research targets that will radically ‎change medical treatments.

‎An-Najah Center for Cancer and Stem Cell Research conducts basic, translational, ‎and clinical research to develop novel drugs to make the body kill cancer and to ‎develop optimal conditions to regrow, repair or replace damaged or diseased cells, ‎organs or tissues.

Our goals:‎

Identify the critical genes and pathways that distinguish cancer from normal (stem) ‎cells, isolate tissue-specific stem cells and define the conditions that are required to ‎repair damaged tissues, develop novel drugs for cancer therapy and regenerative ‎medicine, fix defective, disease-causing genes (gene therapy) and regrowth of ‎damaged tissues (body parts).

Our ultimate goal is to translate our discoveries into clinical trials (from Bench to ‎Bedside). We want to work in tandem with our academic and industry colleagues to ‎share discoveries made here as broadly as possible.‎

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