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Student Training and Development

An-Najah National University is dedicated to providing strong support for ‎the personal, and professional development of its students in accordance ‎with its mission and vision. To achieve this goal, we aim to support ‎students in the continual development of a variety of skills to develop their ‎personalities and to enhance their future careers. In doing so the University ‎is committed to providing opportunities and support for all of its students ‎to achieve their full potential, both personally and professionally. There is a ‎range of training provision offered by the University's training units and ‎centers which covers research, academic and transferable (career) skills.‎

Practical training is an essential part of studies at An-Najah National ‎University. All the study programs offered by the University involve a ‎period of practical training which is designed to provide students with the ‎opportunity to put theory into practice. The aim of the University's ‎Practical Training Center is to help students develop skills and abilities that ‎support professional studies and prepare them for work later on.‎

This Center undertakes the coordination of student training on a wide scale ‎by facilitating coordination between academic departments in the ‎University's various faculties and members of faculty who are assigned to ‎supervise the training of students in their faculties. It further coordinates ‎between students seeking training opportunities and authorities, institutes, ‎agencies, and companies, which agree to take part in student training. This ‎type of cooperation facilitates student training, and involves both a special ‎Field Supervisor in the training institute and an Academic Supervisor at the ‎University.‎

Furthermore, the Center also builds bridges between private and public ‎institutions within and outside the country.‎

An-Najah University established centers that are dedicated to offer foreign ‎language learning opportunities for University students. Second language ‎learning provides cognitive benefits that help to support academic ‎achievement, and improve one’s beliefs about other’s cultures. These ‎centers include the Language Resource Centre(LRC), and the Arabic for ‎Non-Native Speakers Institute. ‎

Language Resource Centre(LRC)

The Language Resource Centre aims to equip language learners with ‎the necessary skills and resources to experience language acquisition ‎as a living process. It homes students from ‎various faculties and ‎offers training courses moderated by a qualified staff of international ‎volunteers, and native ‎language instructors, who allow the LRC to be ‎at the forefront of ‎language instruction. The center is equipped with ‎modern multimedia equipment and facilities, which maximize the ‎efficacy of the learner's language acquisition. ‎

An-Najah Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Institute

‎The Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Institute aims at developing its ‎foreign enrollees skills in Arabic language and introducing them to the ‎Arabic and Islamic culture.‎

An-Najah University established a number of units and institutes, which ‎offer training courses in various technical and administrative. These centers ‎and units include the Korean-Palestinian IT Institute of ‎Excellence, the ‎Continuing Education Unit, and the Competency Development Unit and the ‎Career Unit.‎

Korean-Palestinian IT Institute of ‎Excellence

The Korean-Palestinian IT Institute of ‎Excellence was established at ‎An-Najah National University in 2005, and was funded by the Korean ‎Government. It is a leading institute in the field of information ‎technology as it includes many labs, which can accommodate up to 200 ‎trainees. It is fully equipped with the latest modern technologies such as ‎smart boards, projectors, and the latest computer hardware and ‎accessories needed by the trainee to complete advanced training on ‎different software and hardware. ‎

Continuing Education Unit

The Continuing Education Unit offers several training courses in different ‎fields such as: human resources development, modern means of ‎communication, detection of forged security documents, design, and ‎pleadings. Also it holds administrative, financial legal, and language courses ‎‎(German, English, Hebrew) in addition to scientific and professional training ‎courses. At the end of a training course. Participants who attend a full ‎course will receive a certificate recognized by the Ministry of Education and ‎Higher Education.‎

Competency Development Unit

The Competency Development Unit focuses on the quality of student ‎performance. To ‎complement the educational readiness and knowledge ‎building process, a student's personality goes ‎through a model of ‎Competency- Based Learning through which knowledge; talents, attitude, ‎and skills are ‎all integrated and evaluate performance levels in categories of ‎creative thinking, personal skills and attitude – ‎characteristics required to ‎operate effectively in the real world.‎

An-Najah University seeks to foster a culture of innovation among its ‎students, provide them opportunities to learn and explore entrepreneurial ‎thinking, and support entrepreneurship (to start a startup). The University ‎holds entrepreneurship training courses with the aim of developing the ‎university students' entrepreneurial and business ‎skills, which they need in ‎the future ‎to be entrepreneurs. ‎

An-Najah Business Innovation and Partnership Center (NaBIC)‎

The University's Business Innovation and Partnership Center promotes a ‎culture of innovation among university students through establishing and ‎developing a variety of projects and competitions in cooperation with ‎business incubators.‎

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