Competency Development Unit

The Competency Development Unit makes the quality of student performance its central concern. To ‎complement the educational readiness and knowledge building process, a student's personality goes ‎through a model of Competency- Based Learning through which knowledge; talents, attitude, and skills are ‎all integrated and evaluate performance levels in categories of creative thinking, personal skills and attitude – ‎characteristics required to operate effectively in the real world.


When the quality of their university graduates is assessed, some universities value education and ‎‎research, others believe in the value of 'on-the-job' training and others counts on personal talents ‎as ‎qualities necessary to make an outstanding professional and active citizen. At An-Najah National ‎University ‎‎(An-Najah) we aim to equip our students with all these components together in what we ‎refer to as ‎COMPETENCIES.‎

It is the vision of this office is to prepare students not only qualified in their field, but to graduate ‎them ‎with the competencies that will make them a more capable, more competent, and more ‎employable ‎graduate. As the leading institution of higher education in Palestine, and one that ‎takes as its ultimate ‎mission the amelioration of the Palestinian community, An-Najah realizes its ‎responsibility to contribute to the ‎process of building a modern, independent state in Palestine. This is achieved by instilling excellence and ‎quality in its graduates and by providing the market with ‎competent graduates who are able to ‎demonstrate distinguished capabilities at the professional ‎and personal level.  ‎

An-Najah believes that the Competency Based Education can contribute into the National Development ‎Process ‎as it prepares students to meet the 21st Century Global Challenges. The unemployment ‎rate and the ‎marginal contribution of young generation of college graduates in the Arab World and ‎the surrounding ‎neighborhood demonstrate a desperate need for a Paradigm Shift in the entire ‎Education systems in the ‎region. An-Najah National University has drawn the road map for such ‎change. Practice oriented graduate ‎is capable to take an active role at the local as well as at the ‎global stage.‎
Competency Basic Components: English proficiency, IT proficiency, Community Service, Emotional ‎‎intelligence, and Social intelligence.‎


The Competency Development Unit seeks to prepare students to meet the community and the global ‎challenges through the implementation and evaluation of competence students acquire during their ‎university learning. Provide the market with well-educated, competent graduates who are able to play ‎active role in the community.

  • Enhance students communications skills and self-confidence
  • Enhance self-management skills, goal achievement , success and other Emotional Intelligence skills.‎
  • Enhance relationship management skills, team work and other Social Intelligence skills.‎
  • Enhance leadership and decision making skills and impact on others.‎
  • Fine tune and sharpen students personality through providing opportunity to develop above skills.‎
  • Enhance students quality to perform with the competitive edge which will secure employment and ‎independence.‎
  • Enhance students ability to contribute effectively into the national sustainable development process.‎

This project is implemented through practice oriented, hands-on experience workshop sessions and other ‎general lectures. Teachers play significant role in the making of this mission as they occupy a central role ‎in the Competency Building Dynamics.‎

Competency Development Review Board has been established from deans of colleges, administrators, ‎student council, along with representatives from the Palestinian private, government and NGO sectors.‎
The board is an advisory body yet oversees the action-plan, implantation and outcomes of the ‎competency project at An-Najah University. Its main purpose is to provide the degree holder with ‎competitive edge in the job-market through an ongoing direct dialogue between academia and ‎professional world.‎

The Competency Building Process is implemented in five phases during the four years of college ‎education. Competency Development Unit (CDUs) are mandatory for the entire University.‎

  • After successful participation in the five phases of the competency building process, students are expected ‎to acquire and demonstrate the following competencies:‎
  • Intelligent communications skills and manifested self confidence.‎
  • Self-management ,goal-achievement and other Emotional Intelligent skills.
  • Relationship management ,team work and other Social Intelligent skills.
  • Leadership, decision-making and impact on others skills.‎
  • Character with distinguished and competitive competencies.‎
  • Increased the probability to secure and maintain career path .‎
  • Increase the probability of effective contribution into the National Sustainable Development Process.  

Competency assessment tools will be administered to measure the success rate and the status of ‎the acquired skills. Competent entrepreneur is the ultimate deliverable. ‎

  • Competency Development workshop in English language in collaboration with international office.‎
  • IELTS workshops.‎
  • Communication and Leader workshops in collaboration with NGO’s and local societies.‎
  • Follow with Tamayyaz program with Sharek Youth Forum.‎
  • Supervising Learning content Development Unit with the E-Learning center to train students to develop ‎digital learning content.‎
  • Professional Development workshops.‎
  • Career guidance in collaboration with labor ministry.
  • Experts visits: host experts in different fields to present their experiences to An-Najah students.

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