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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees at An-Najah National University is the governing body of the University and oversees its main issues, policies and strategies.

A Chair, a Vice-Chair and a Secretary are elected by the members of the Board.

The Board of Trustees at An-Najah cherishes knowledge, seeks to provide high-quality undergraduate and graduate programmes in various fields, preserves the country’s cultural and social heritage and encourages scientific research in Palestine. Members of the Board play a leading role in providing oversight and contributions regarding the University's large scale programs and its financial and physical resources.

Mr. Sabeeh Al-Masri was born in Nablus in 1937 and holds a BA in Chemical Engineering. He is ‎also a businessman of a good reputation on the local, the Arab and the international levels.

Mr. Al-Masri occupied important positions, some of which are Vice President to the Palestinian ‎Investment Fund, Director of the Nomination Committee and the Finance and Investment ‎Committee. He also established investment companies such as the Arab Supply and Trading ‎Company, the Zara Investment Holding, Cairo Amman Bank Padico Holding and others.‎

  • Mr. Sabih Masri, Chairman of the Board
  • Prof. Rami Hamdallah, Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Prof. Rifaat Safadi
  • Dr. Rand Salman
  • Dr. Walid Khoury
  • Chancellor Emad Saleem Sa'ad
  • Dr. Ammar Dweik
  • Ms. Rula Shunnar
  • Dr. Walid V. Nammour
  • Mr. Ammar Aker
  • Dr. Hani Nabulsi
  • Eng. Aref F. Husseini
  • Eng. Mahdi Saifi
  • Eng. Bashar Masri
  • Mr. Farouk K. Toukan

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Raising and developing the financial resources available to the University
  • Approving the University’s budget and authorizing whoever it deems capable to handle and manage all the financial affairs according to a financial system that is adopted by the Board
  • Approving, modifying or cancelling the financial and administrative systems, the employees staff and faculty staff systems, or any other system that the Board deems necessary
  • Appointing the administration staff, the faculty staff and all the employees at the University, as well as terminating their service, in addition to any other related procedures
  • From among the Board of Trustees’ members, a Chair, a Vice-Chair and a Secretary are elected

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