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Alumni Affairs

An-Najah National University pays great attention to its students even after ‎graduation. It offers them intensive academic and non-academic training to prepare ‎them to the work field. The training aims to boost the alumni belonging as ‎Palestinian citizens and build a productive community. Therefore, An-Najah ‎graduates remain in touch with the University whether they were in Palestine or ‎abroad. In this frame, the University offers supporting education programmes to the ‎students in their senior year on the one hand and on the other, An-Najah Alumni Unit ‎offers them further training to expand their employment opportunities in the future. ‎The Unit also created a database for An-Najah alumni to facilitate the ‎communication process. ‎

In the same context, the University supported the graduates' initiative to establish ‎An-Najah Alumni Association which also aims at strengthening the relation with the ‎alumni. The association allows the graduates to participate in the University's ‎activities such as the annual graduates meeting. Through these meetings, the ‎graduates exchange their ideas and thoughts that contribute to An-Najah's ‎development.‎

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