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History and Traditions

An-Najah National University: "We Challenge the Present to Shape the Future"

An-Najah National University is a vibrant hub of learning which nourishes science, knowledge and understanding. An-Najah offers undergraduate instruction in the fields of Medicine, Engineering, Humanities, Social Sciences and the Natural Sciences, as well as numerous courses of graduate study in the humanities and the social sciences.

Since it was chartered as a full-fledged university in 1977, An-Najah has promoted the acquisition of modern knowledge whilst remaining committed to the transmission and preservation of Palestinian history, heritage and culture. Today, as the largest University in Palestine, An-Najah educates over 22,000 students and is home to 13 faculties, offering numerous undergraduate and graduate specialisations.

An-Najah University Logo

Knowledge Enlightenment Strength

An-Najah University's logo symbolizes continuous progress and persistent growth in ‎knowledge and science.‎

  • The Sun represents freedom, knowledge and enlightenment.‎
  • The Eagle represents power and strength from knowledge acquisition.‎
  • The Book represents scientific authenticity, which has been a fundamental ‎part of scientific progress throughout history.‎

Notable Dates in An-Najah's History

1918: An-Najah was established as a primary school- An-Najah Nabulsi School- educating students from Palestine and abroad.

1941: The University was named “An-Najah College”

1965: An-Najah became a teacher preparation institute, also granting intermediate university degrees in various fields of study.

1977: An-Najah evolved into a full-fledged university, “An-Najah National University,” with a Faculty of Arts and a Faculty of Sciences. It joined the Association of Arab Universities (AARU) as a full member.

1978: The faculties of Economics, Administrative Sciences, Educational Sciences and Engineering were inaugurated.

1981: The first Master Degree Program was established in curricula management at the Faculty of Educational Sciences. An-Najah was accepted as a member in the World Union of Universities.

1985: The University expanded the scope of higher studies to include new fields, including Chemistry, Islamic Studies and Education.

1994: The Faculty of Pharmacy was established; new faculties and specialized scientific centers were introduced, including the Academic Program for the Study of Involuntary Migration (APSIM); the Water and Environmental Studies Institute; the Center for Studies, Consultation and Technical Services; and the Business and Technology Incubator.

1995: The Faculty of Law was established.

1997: The University signed an agreement with the Director-General of the UNESCO to establish the UNESCO Chair on Human Rights and Democracy. In the same year, the University launched the Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Program.

1998: The Board of Trustees decided to establish the Center for Urban and Regional Planning (CURP).

1999: The Faculty of Medicine was established in cooperation with Al-Quds and Al-Azhar Universities. In the same year, the Community Service Center was also established, serving the local community.

2000: On June 25, 2000, the late Yasser Arafat laid the foundation stone for Munib Masri’s College for Engineering and Technology at the New Campus. In the same year, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and a number of scientific majors, including Computer Engineering, Statistics, and Economy and Agricultural Development, were established.

2001: The University established the Faculty of Information Technology. Construction of the Hisham Hijjawi College of Technology was completed and the College welcomed its first students in October.

2003: The University launched the “Voice of An-Najah” radio station helping to strengthen ties with the local community and to provide reliable information. The Opinion Polls and Survey Studies Center, the Continuing Education Center (CEC) and the Measurement and Evaluation Center (MEC) were also established with the aim of enhancing scientific research.

2004: The Faculty of Optometry and the Faculty of Nursing were established.


  • The University established Al-Qasem Palace in Beit Wazan to serve as a Center for Urban and Regional Planning.
  • The University established the Faculty of Honors and a Unit for Architectural Conservation and Reconstruction.
  • The University launched the An-Najah Award for Scientific Research in the field of science and humanities.
  • The University established two new scientific masters programs: Animal Husbandry and Clean Energy and Consumption Rationalization.


  • The Institute of Forensic Medicine was established as a branch of the Faculty of Medicine.
  • The An-Najah Alumni Association was established.
  • His Excellency, Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian National Authority  inaugurated the University’s New Campus in a ceremony that honored the University’s first students. President Abbas was presented with an Honorary Doctorate in Law.
  • The University was awarded the Hisham Adib Hijjawi Award in Energy and Industry for the ninth time.


The University inaugurated:

  • The Language Center.
  • The Computer Lab for the Visually-Impaired.
  • The Dental Clinic.
  • The Prosthetics Clinic on the Old Campus.
  • The Korean-Palestinian IT Institute of Excellence.
  • The Eye Clinic of the Faculty of Optometry.


  • The Faculty of Medicine was accredited as an independent faculty by the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education.
  • The University acquired the hospitals of Al-Zakat Committee in Nablus. The hospital buildings will be developed into a teaching hospital for students of medicine and nursing; the hospital will serve the entire northern West Bank region in cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Health.
  • The University’s mosque was inaugurated in August 2008.
  • The University’s Sports Complex was inaugurated at the New Campus in November 2008.


  • The University obtains the EFQM Global Excellence Award 2012‎
  • First place in the best entrepreneurs' work plan in Palestine
  • Inauguration of Zayed College for Nursing and Optics funded by Zayed Bin ‎Sultan Al Nahyan Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation Works
  • Accreditation of the‏ ‏physics PhD programme and the High Specialization ‎Certificate in diagnostic radiology at the Faculty of Graduate studies as well as ‎the Bachelor's programme in energy and environmental engineering at the ‎Faculty of Engineering and IT.‎
  • Inauguration of the American Corner Nablus
  • Third place in the Creative Writing in French Competition
  • Second place in the Best Essay in International Arbitration and Judiciary Award ‎from the International Academy for Arbitration Law in Paris
  • The University wins in the First Mock Trial Competition in Palestine
  • The University wins first place the Palestine Programming Olympiad-student ‎category
  • Third place in the Arab World Photography Competition ‎
  • Two projects from the University won the National Business Plan Competition ‎for Entrepreneurs ‎
  • Third place in the 8th Arab Information Technology Students Activity Fair ‎‎(ITSAF 2012) - Association of Arab Universities, held in Lebanon‎‏.‏
  • Yasser Arafat Achievement Award
  • Best Storytelling Podcast Award
  • Selection of the Hisham Hijjawi College of Technology to complete the ‎implementation of the Supporting and Developing Vocational and Technical ‎Education in Palestine project
  • The 15th Student Creative Forum awards held in Saudi Arabia
  • Annual Methods Fair at Manchester University
  • Hi-Tech Hub 2012 ‎
  • First place in the "Made in Palestine" award for the year
  • ACM Palestinian Collegiate Programming Contest
  • The‏ ‏Moot court competition at Al-Ahliyya Amman University
  • Seventh place in the International Quran Memorization Competition ‎


  • Inauguration of the Learning Content Development Unit supported and ‎sponsored by the PalTel Group Foundation for Community Development (PGF) ‎
  • First place in the Mobile Application Development Contest (MADI)‎
  • Palestine International Award for Excellence and Creativity: first place in two ‎awards (distinguished institution category and distinguished project category)‎
  • First in Palestine in the Microsoft Imagine CUP 2013‎
  • An-Najah National University team who invented a smart pen ranked first among ‎technology startups in Silicon Valley in the United States


  • Inauguration of An-Najah's Business Innovation and Partnership Centre (NaBIC)‎
  • An-Najah Journal for Research (humanities and natural sciences) identified ‎by the international standardized code ISSN Online.‎
  • An-Najah researchers Professors Ismail Warad and Mohammed Al-Nouri, from ‎the Chemistry Department of the Faculty of Science at the University in ‎collaboration with the King Saud University and the University of Karachi in ‎Pakistan obtain a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. ‎The research titled:‎
  • Heterocyclic Schiff’s Bases as Novel and New Antiglycation Agents‏ ‏
  • The University ranked second place in the Global Entrepreneurship Week ‎Palestine, for the "Bold Gadget‎‏"‏‎ project.‎


  • Inauguration of the Kuwait E-Library
  • Dr. Tamer Khatib, Assistant Professor at the Energy and Environmental ‎Engineering Department at the University gets the Habilitation Degree (Venia ‎Docendi Award)‎
  • The Computer Engineering Department team wins first place in the Palestine ‎Colligate Programing Contest for the year 2015, with the participation of 22 ‎teams representing 9 Palestinian universities‏.‏
  • The University preserves its status as top university in Palestine achieving 2440 ‎points, doubling the points of the second university in the Research Gate ranking.‎
  • An-Najah becomes member of the Association of Arab Universities Council of ‎QA and Accreditation
  • An-Najah Journal for Research (humanities and natural sciences) identified by ‎the international standardized code, ISSN Online
  • The University obtains patent from the U.S in genetic disease ‎prevention and treatment‏.‏
  • ‎30 faculty members win the Scientific Publication by High Impact Journals ‎Award in 2014.‎


  • Being ranked the 1st Palestinian university according to Webometrics and 21st in ‎the Arab World
  • In addition to seven engineering programmes accredited in 2014, An-Najah ‎obtains accreditation for two new programmes in the Engineering and ‎Technology from the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology ‎‎(ABET) international evaluation; namely, Computer Engineering and ‎Building Engineering
  • An-Najah ranked 1st in Palestine by U.S News and World Report in its Best Arab ‎Region Universities Ranking
  • Two of An-Najah students win the Palestinian American Research Centre’s ‎Gerner Award, an annual award that honors the legacy of PARC board member ‎Dr. Deborah J. Misty Gerner who passed away in 2006‎
  • Dr. Luay Dwaikat, Lecturer at the Construction Engineering Department of the ‎Faculty of Engineering and IT at An-Najah wins the Best Student Award offered ‎by the University of Technology Malaysia for the year 2016‎
  • Among 13 different Arab countries, Engineer Mays Shadeed, Lecturer at the ‎Chemical Engineering Department wins the King Abdullah II Award for Youth ‎Innovation and Achievement for the year 2016‎
  • The Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Programme holds the first Standardized ‎Test of Arabic Proficiency in Speakers of other Languages at the Technological ‎Educational Institute of Athens (TEI) in Greece.‎
  • An-Najah team wins third place in the AngelHack Competition
  • An-Najah obtains membership in the RMEI Board of Administration
  • The QS Asia, regional subsidiary of QS Quacquarelli Symonds publishes an info-‎graph about An-Najah National University‏ ‏
  • The Faculty of Law obtains accreditation for a Master's degree joint programme ‎with the Faculty of Law at Al-Quds University on Intellectual Property and ‎Innovation Management, which is part of the EU-TEMPUS project titled: ‎‎"Promoting Intellectual Property Law Studies in the Mediterranean Region (IP-‎MED)"‎
  • Obtaining accreditation for a Master's degree programme in clinical psychology


  • Inauguration of the Scientific Centres building
  • Second place in the Young Professional Best Paper Award offered at the Air & ‎Waste Management Association annual conference 2017‎
  • Inauguration of the Faculty of Law
  • Obtaining accreditation for the Gifted Education and the Finance MA ‎programmes
  • First place in the English Debate Competition
  • An-Najah ranked the 1st Palestinian university and 23rd in the Arab World ‎according to Webometrics
  • Inauguration of An-Najah Broadcasting Chanel (NBC)‎
  • Launch of Najah News Agency (NNA)‎
  • The Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences becomes member of the ‎Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programmes (ACBSP) in the ‎U.S.‎‏ ‏
  • Inauguration of the Neuroscience Lab; first of its type in Palestine
  • An-Najah’s American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) - Students Branch ‎Wins the 2017 Letter of Significant Improvement Award
  • An-Najah researchers win the British Medical Research Council Grant
  • Dr. Mohamed Al-Sayed obtains Certified Energy Manager (CEM) certificate ‎offered by the Association of Energy Engineers in the U.S for the year 2017‎
  • The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) ‎approves a legal study on commercial arbitration and its role in promoting small ‎and medium enterprises in Palestine conducted by Dr. Naeem Salameh, staff ‎member at the Faculty of Law.‎
  • The Faculty of Law wins the Philip C. Jessup International Law ‎Moot Court Competition
  • According to, An-Najah ranked first in research publication in ‎Palestine
  • An-Najah Child Institute Obtains the ISO 9001:2015 Certification
  • An-Najah’s Institute of Industrial Engineers Wins the IISE Golden Award for the ‎year 2016/2017‎
  • An-Najah obtains accreditation for several academic programmes; namely, ‎Arabic language and literature-major and Hebrew language-minor; English ‎language and literature-major and Hebrew language minor; mathematics major ‎and education minor; physics-major and education minor; chemistry-major and ‎education minor; Arabic language and literature-major and education minor; ‎mathematics- major and statistics-minor and history-major and education-minor.‎
  • Inauguration of the Interior Design & TV Decoration Centre.

Since its establishment, An-Najah has been on a continuous path of development, striving to offer the best educational experience for its students. As new academic majors such as agricultural sciences, medical analyses and fine arts were introduced, student enrollment increased. Additionally, further development of University facilities and equipment included improvements in the University's academic, administrative, and human resources departments, as well as enlargement of its library holdings and enhancement of its laboratory equipment.

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