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‎2nd International Workshop on Synchrotron Radiation and Applications (SESAME at Palestine)

As part of its plan to encourage scientific research and build academic relations ‎with ‎international ‎research centers, An-Najah National University cordially invite you to ‎participate in the ‎activities of the:‎ ‎2nd International Workshop on synchrotron radiation and applications SESAME at Palestine This is an awareness raising event about synchrotron radiation and related ‎applications. The workshop aims at introducing (SESAME) as a close and ‎accessible synchrotron light source, introducing synchrotron radiation and ‎presenting examples of scientific applications that can be performed with a ‎synchrotron light beam in particular in the Infra-Red and the X-ray region to ‎mimic the day-1 beam-lines at SESAME. ‎ It is planned to attract researchers for Synchrotron Facilities and open the doors ‎for potential users and graduate students.‎

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