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I am one of the volunteers at the Great People of September 2019 and my name is Samuele from ‎Switzerland. First of all, I want to thank everyone, the European volunteers and the Najah group ‎for the affection, hospitably, love that I received. It was a strong experience, sometimes difficult, ‎but certainly very exciting. For me this trip will remain one of the ones that helped me to grow ‎and that made me think a lot. I am very proud to have had this experience! I think that’s what a ‎trip is all about, going home with a little bit more in your luggage!‎
I got my training at Al-Osool Building Metallic Construction Industries in Sharjah. The main goal of my educational trip to the UAE was to learn about the Company's work strategies, and have a clear idea about its production mechanisms and methods theoretically and practically.
During my training at Misr University for Science and Technology, I attended lectures that focused on different civil engineering topics. I also had practical training related to civil engineering under the supervision of Dr. Ahmed Karim. We had field trips to historical sites in Egypt such as the Smart Village and the Library of Alexandria.
The pleasure of success lies in our quest for it, not in reaching it. Reaching the top requires great effort without surrender at any point. The hardest stage in my life was the General Secondary Education Certificate Examination (Tawjihi) that made me what I am now. After Tawjihi, I chose to be part of the Public Relations and Communication Department at An-Najah National University as this specialization has received attention from many local and international companies.
It's Michael from Ireland and I participated at Zajel September Camp for two weeks at An-Najah ‎National University. The camp was very well organized from the start. We were greeted so ‎warmly by all of the local volunteers. The atmosphere was always very relaxed and friendly.‎

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Offering diverse undergraduate and ‎postgraduate programs through ‎research-based and innovation ‎learning environment. Our courses ‎offer quality educational degrees that ‎align with in-demand market ‎competencies.‎

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Based on its strategy and vision, An-‎Najah University is committed to ‎achieving excellence in scientific and ‎applied research to ensure our ‎offered education is inclusive to ‎research and innovation, which ‎benefits the economy and the well-‎being of society. We facilitate the ‎process of using applied research to ‎build knowledge-based economy. ‎The university contains the largest ‎research database in Palestine‏.‏

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We provide the opportunities and ‎atmosphere for student interaction, ‎volunteering and growth through ‎extracurricular activities in arts, sport, ‎cultural exchange, and much more. ‎Many of these activities take place in ‎the university campuses, different ‎areas in Palestine, and some are ‎abroad.‎

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