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Our goal is the Future, for which we work and for which we strive.

Through offering a high quality ‎education, An-Najah National University is promoting the development of qualified and ‎competitive human resources. Maintaining this goal over the past thirty-six years, An-Najah has ‎been an integral part in enhancing the capacity of local, regional and international markets.

An-Najah has offered 8,222 scholarships during the academic year 2018/2019, covering 35% of the total number of the University students.

As a ‎leading academic institution in the Middle East with a clear vision of progress, An-Najah University ‎continues to maintain and improve upon its own educational standards. Through the constant ‎training of staff and, more importantly the encouragement, education and accreditation of ‎students; An-Najah’s aspirations of becoming a leading global institution are becoming ‎a reality.

There are currently around 23,000 students enrolled within An-Najah’s four campuses: the ‎New Campus, the Old Campus, Hisham Hijjawi College of Technology, Khadouri Campus in ‎Tulkarem (which offers programmes in the fields of agriculture and veterinary medicine) and An-Najah National Hospital.

An-Najah is ‎comprised of 11 faculties located throughout the different campuses, offering 103 Bachelor ‎Degree programmes, 23 Intermediate Diploma programmes66 Graduate programmes.

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In addition to this, ‎the University has libraries located ‎on each of the four campuses containing more than 501,481 books; 239,395 of which are electronic, as well as more than 23,438 electronic journals.

By utilizing the academic body and material resources, An-Najah is able to provide and participate in scientific research at the international level and to respond to the needs of local society by offering support through a plethora of social and technical programmes (Research Impact).

As a pivotal institution in Palestine, it is vital that An-Najah continues to inspire its student body to realize their own potential to have a positive impact upon the society in which they reside. By equipping them with the essential tools of knowledge, professionalism and leadership, we believe that their personal development will create a more prosperous future for Palestine.

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