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President's Assistant for Community Affairs

Dr. Maher Abu Zant was born in Nablus, Palestine. He holds a bachelor's degree in sociology ‎from ‎Tanta University in Egypt and a master's degree in sociology, social development ‎division from Cardiff ‎University in the U.K. He completed his post-graduate studies in the ‎UK where he received his ‎doctorate degree from the University of Wales in 1989 in social ‎development. After that, he returned ‎to Palestine and worked as Head of the Research and ‎Studies Department at the Labour Studies Centre ‎in Ramallah and Director of the Jerusalem ‎Family Counselling Centre successively. Then, he joined An-‎Najah National University staff ‎in 1991 and was lecturer at the Sociology and Social Work Department ‎then head of the ‎department for 12 years. Afterwards, He occupied other positions such as Dean of the ‎‎Faculty of Humanities, Vice President for Social Affairs, and Director of the Administrative Control ‎Department. Currently he is ‎the president's Assistant for community affairs.‎

In addition, he is member of several charitable societies in Palestine.‎

Research interest: social development, social problems, perversion and crime

Duties and Responsibilities

The President’s Assistant for Community Affairs Office aims at developing the university role ‎and performance in serving the Palestinian society and local communities. It also works hard to ‎unite the visions and strategies of the university’s faculties, scientific centres, facilities and ‎departments to promote its social responsibility in realization of the university’s vision and ‎mission in partnership and cooperation with governmental, nongovernmental and private ‎institutions.‎

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