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Vice President for Academic Affairs

In 1974, Dr. Mohammad El-Amleh obtained his BSc in Mathematics from the ‎Kuwait University and his MSc and PhD from Alabama University, the United ‎States in 1978 and 1981 respectively.‎

Through his career at An-Najah National University, he was engaged with ‎other universities and worked as a Visiting Professor for one year at Al-Quds ‎University, the Arab American University of Jenin and Alabama University ‎and for two years at the University of South Carolina in the U.S.‎

In addition to his academic work as a lecturer, researcher and MA theses ‎supervisor, he held the following administrative positions at An-Najah:‎

  • Vice President for Academic Affairs: 2014-present
  • Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies: 1999-2001‎
  • Dean of Scientific Research: 1998-1999‎
  • Director of the Computer Centre: 1994-1996‎
  • Head of the Mathematics Department: 1981-1983, 1984-1987 and 2012-2014‎
  • He was also the Head of the Mathematics Department at the Arab American ‎University during 2001-2002 and a Teaching Assistant at the Alabama ‎University from 1976-1981.‎

Duties and Responsibilities

The Vice President for Academic Affairs is committed to implementing the academic mission of the University through administering an array of undergraduate and graduate programmes and maintaining standards for student achievement, faculty development and curricular innovation throughout the faculties and departments. The Office of Academic Affairs works closely with instructors and administrators in defining the academic priorities for the University, as well as advising the general student body and the professional development of educators. Along with deans and department heads, the Vice President oversees, reviews and revises all existing academic programs so that An-Najah graduates depart the University with the best possible education. Additionally, the Vice President facilitates academic policies, procedures and standards for both students and faculty.

The Vice President of Academic Affairs and his staff are dedicated to encouraging students and faculty members to engage in creative activities, applied research and service and outreach activities in order to provide optimum service to the University and the society.

Centres under Supervision

The following centres are under the supervision of the Vice President for Academic Affairs Office:

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