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Vice President for Academic Affairs

Prof. Allam Mousa

The Minister of Telecom & IT (2014-2019) and also the Minister of Transport (2014-2015) at the Palestinian National Reconciliation Government. He led several active teams, who have resolved several serious and fatal challenges to achieve dramatically essential goals particularly in the field of advanced telecom networks in Palestine (i.e., 3G services, mobile coverage and high-speed internet). In addition, He was Deputy President for Planning, Development and Quality Assurance (2009-2014), Chairman of Electrical Engineering Department (2002-2009) at An-Najah University, and Head of Electronics Engineering Department (1999-2000) at Al-Quds University.

Prof. Mousa is interested in promoting Higher Education and ICT for the advancement of the society and its sustainability. He is also interested in areas like; Digital Transformation, Strategic Thinking, Performance Management and Stakeholder Engagement.

Prof. Mousa has accomplished significant achievements in the field of higher education particularly in topics like institutional development, quality assurance, excellence, strategic planning and governance. With his team leader, they has achieved several national and international related awards and certificates for his institutions, such achievements include; “Yasser Arafat Achievement Award”, “Committed to Excellence -C2E award by EFQM”, “Palestine International Award for Excellence and Creativity” and “Institutional Evaluation Program -IEP by EUA”.

During his career, he has participated in several international and national conferences and high-level meetings as a keynote speaker and policy maker particularly in the fields of higher education & ICT (Regulations & Industry). He also worked as an expert/consultant for several national and international institutions like Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission (AQAC) and UNDP.

Prof. Mousa was granted several scholarships as a visiting professor/researcher in several countries including Malaysia, Italy, France, the UK, Pakistan and Belgium.

Prof. Mousa is a member or a fellow of several related national and international networks like Engineering Association, IEEE (SM) and the Higher Council for Innovation and Excellence (2014-2019). He is a reviewer, steering and scientific committee member of many international journals and conferences, a cofounder and the first chairman of IEEE Palestine subsection. In addition, he is an author/co-author of more than 40 papers published in international journals and conferences.

Prof. Mousa is a professor of Telecom Engineering. He received his B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from EMU in 1990, 1992 and 1996 respectively, all with high honour, full scholarship and first rank. During his study period he managed to enhance skills to build up his personality and to decide on his future in order to serve for the advancement of human being.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs is committed to implementing the academic mission of the University through administering an array of undergraduate and graduate programmes and maintaining standards for student achievement, faculty development and curricular innovation throughout the faculties and departments. The Office of Academic Affairs works closely with instructors and administrators in defining the academic priorities for the University, as well as advising the general student body and the professional development of educators. Along with deans and department heads, the Vice President oversees, reviews and revises all existing academic programs so that An-Najah graduates depart the University with the best possible education. Additionally, the Vice President facilitates academic policies, procedures and standards for both students and faculty.

The Vice President of Academic Affairs and his staff are dedicated to encouraging students and faculty members to engage in creative activities, applied research and service and outreach activities in order to provide optimum service to the University and the society.

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