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Vice President for Academic Affairs

Mohammed Alsubu’ was born at S. Harythia (Jenin), Palestine. He attended Jenin High ‎School and received his university degrees; Bachelor & Master of Science in Chemistry ‎from the University of Jordan, Amman, and the PhD in Chemistry from the University ‎of Florida/ USA. Prof. Alsubu has joined An-Najah N. University in September 1979. ‎From August 2007 to December 2017, Mohammed was on leave from An-Najah to ‎become the Head of Accreditation & Quality Assurance Commission (AQAC)/ Ministry ‎of Education & Higher Education. He has published over 40 research papers and books ‎in the subjects of Chemistry, Quality Assurance and others. He has participated in a ‎large number of national and international conferences/ workshops in the fields of ‎Chemistry and Quality of Higher Education. Recently, Mohammed has been appointed ‎as the Deputy President for Planning, Development and Quality Assurance. He is a ‎member of several national and international associations and is married to Amal ‎Jaradat, and has two sons and three daughters.‎

Duties and Responsibilities

The Vice President for Academic Affairs is committed to implementing the academic mission of the University through administering an array of undergraduate and graduate programmes and maintaining standards for student achievement, faculty development and curricular innovation throughout the faculties and departments. The Office of Academic Affairs works closely with instructors and administrators in defining the academic priorities for the University, as well as advising the general student body and the professional development of educators. Along with deans and department heads, the Vice President oversees, reviews and revises all existing academic programs so that An-Najah graduates depart the University with the best possible education. Additionally, the Vice President facilitates academic policies, procedures and standards for both students and faculty.

The Vice President of Academic Affairs and his staff are dedicated to encouraging students and faculty members to engage in creative activities, applied research and service and outreach activities in order to provide optimum service to the University and the society.

Centres under Supervision

The following centres are under the supervision of the Vice President for Academic Affairs Office:

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