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Vice President for Administrative Affairs

Dr. Maher Abu Zant was born in Nablus, Palestine. He holds a bachelor's degree in sociology ‎from Tanta University in Egypt and a master's degree in sociology, social development ‎division from Cardiff University in the U.K. He completed his post-graduate studies in the ‎UK where he received his doctorate degree from the University of Wales in 1989 in social ‎development. After that, he returned to Palestine and worked as Head of the Research and ‎Studies Department at the Labour Studies Centre in Ramallah and Director of the Jerusalem ‎Family Counselling Centre successively. Then, he joined An-Najah National University staff ‎in 1991 and was lecturer at the Sociology and Social Work Department then head of the ‎department for 12 years. Afterwards, He occupied other positions such as Dean of the ‎Faculty of Humanities, President’s Assistant for Social Affairs, Administrative Vice ‎President Assistant and Director of the Administrative Control Department. Currently he is ‎the Vice President for Administrative Affairs.‎

In addition, he is member of several charitable societies in Palestine.‎

Research interest: social development, social problems, perversion and crime

Duties and Responsibilities

The Vice President for Administrative Affairs supervises the staff’s performance to make sure everything functions properly. The VP of Administrative Affairs is considered an administrative employee who works under the supervision of the president of the university.

He also offers the president advice about regulations, policies, instructions and the decisions that enhance the quality of administrative work. He is also responsible to set an inclusive plan for the various departments of the university administration.



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