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Vice President Assistant for Academic Affairs, Scientific Faculties

Born in Balata Village, Nablus in 1972, Dr. Majdi Dwikat ‎received a B.Sc in Medical Laboratory ‎Sciences  from An-Najah National University, Nablus in 1994. Dr. Dwikat worked as a Technician Assistant ‎in Medical Laboratory ‎Sciences from 1994-2000 at An-Najah. He received his MSc in Biotechnology from ‎the University of Salento, Italy in 2001 and a PhD in Biotechnology and Medical Physiology ‎from the same university in 2006. He also was the Head of Medical Laboratory Department from 2007-2013 ‎and Head Of Medical Physiology and Pharmacology/ Toxicology Department from 2014-2015 ‎at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at An Najah.

Dr. Dwikat published a number of research papers on effects of natural extract on isolate tissues, effect of bioactive ‎compound on living cells, anti cancer activity, biological effect of electromagnetic field ‎‎(electromagnetic carcinogenicity) and antibacterial effects of natural extract.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs in scientific faculties supervises the educational process in class and as an academic employee is subject ‎to the administrative employees’ systems.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Representing the University in conferences, seminars and other events assigned to him by ‎the Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Discussing and following-up on the University’s different academic affairs regarding ‎scientific faculties with the Vice President for Academic Affairs

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