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Deanship of Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Deanship offers direct supervision of student activities and contributes to students' growth as academics and individuals.

The deanship aims at building a qualified intellectual, creative and modern ‎generation to develop the community.

Cultivating students’ personalities by offering services in different areas of ‎interest to bring out their creativity, enhancing their capabilities with skills, ‎expertise and high morals that prepare them to play a leading role in serving ‎their country and reinforcing loyalty to the University and homeland‎.

  • Supporting students’ affairs in the university, following up on their issues and offering assistance in solving their problems.
  • Supervising all non-academic student activities, supporting the different activities and directing them.
  • Providing assistance and all financial incentives through the loans fund and support for excellent students, athletes and martyrs' children and following up with the cases of detainee students.
  • Taking care of mental health concerns through development and support.
  • Encouraging talented students in all fields to release their creativity and develop their hobbies.
  • Providing health care for students.
  • Supervising the student council elections and different clubs.

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