Students Activities

An-Najah organizes a number of activities that aim at involving students in the local ‎community’s issues and developing their skills in social collaboration and cultural dialogue.‎

An-Najah’s Band for Folk Arts holds a series of national and religious celebrations that aim at ‎rooting the Palestinian identity and the notion of cultural dialogue inside An-Najah students.‎

The band also participates in several national and international activities such as the Forum for ‎Arab Universities, graduation ceremonies and other activities.‎

An-Najah aspires to spread its vision through various activities and thus it views theatre as a ‎tool to push the wagon of the Palestinian culture onward.‎

An-Najah students participate in theatrical productions to represent their university and be ‎ambassadors forPalestine. Therefore, An-Najah drama group participates annually in drama ‎festivals in Jordan, Morocco, Algeria and other countries.

The scout movement was established at An-Najah National University in 1921 and was called “An-‎Najah School Scouts”.

The movement was restricted afterward by the Israeli occupation, and in 2004 ‎was retained as “A-Najah Scout’s Group”.‎

The group now is an educational voluntary apolitical movement supervised by the Deanship of Students’ ‎Affairs and is open to both genders.‎

The group aims at shaping its enrollees’ spiritual, mental, physical and social aspects to create a ‎generation of good citizens in their local and international environments.‎

The Deanship of Students’ Affairs annually organizes scientific field trips including visits to ‎factories, companies and archaeological sites in Palestine to develop students’ academic and ‎social skills.‎

An-Najah offers a number of sports facilities including football, volleyball and basketball courts; ‎university gym; sports halls and a swimming pool.

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