An-Najah National University established the Student Services Unit ‎to offer a wide range of services to new and ongoing students at the ‎University. It aims to assist students, and their families and answer ‎any questions they may have about the Unit's services in coordination ‎with the concerned authorities at the University. ‎

This Unit provides students with the necessary services in different ‎areas, such as:‎

  • Admission and Registration
  • Counselling psychology, Social counselling, and public health
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Financial affairs: tuition fees, loans, grants and financial aid‎
  • ‎ Scholarships ‎
  • Training and volunteering
  • Academic concerns
  • Discipline and Misconduct ‎
  • Suggestions and complaints
  • University facilities and departments

The Social Supervision Unit focuses on the preventive, therapeutic and ‎development aspects to assess students to be involved in university life. The ‎unit also aims at offering psychological aids related to students’ academic, ‎personal, social and political life events.‎ An-Najah also offers other services that shape students’ skills through several ‎activities and voluntary work.‎

Mechanisms and Methods


  • Professional Counseling: The unit staff assesses students to enroll in the ‎appropriate academic programmes.‎
  • Academic Counseling: Students visit their faculty or department ‎consultant for academic counseling.‎
  • Psychological Counseling: Students are provided with methods to ‎develop their self estimation and solutions to overcome the adaption ‎obstacles.‎
  • Social Counseling: The unit staff analyzes students’ personal affairs and ‎intellectual and behavioral orientations.‎


  • Individual Counseling: The unit’s specialists meet with students taking ‎into consideration privacy standards.‎
  • Group Counseling: A group of the unit staff works on an educational, ‎cultural, therapeutic or training issue.‎
  • Social Counseling: The unit holds extended meetings inside or outside ‎campus that aim at educating students in psychological healthcare and ‎social behavioral issues.‎

The Sports Department of the Deanship of Students’ Affairs was established in 1985 and aims at ‎developing students’ competencies and skills in physical education and offering them ‎extracurricular activities in their free time.

Internal Activities

The department’s internal activities allow students from various faculties to ‎participate in both individual and group sports including free daily activities, ‎university general tournaments and the university championship.

External Activities

An-Najah students participate in a number of international sports activities ‎including the Palestinian Universities and the Palestinian Sport Federation ‎championships and others.

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