Students Services

The Center for Student Services was founded to provide the students with ‎university-based services, such as admission and registration, financial ‎matters, social and psychological counseling, and extracurricular (cultural, ‎social, athletic and artistic) activities. This center is run by a number of ‎employees and some students and volunteers.

Employment of Needy Students

The employment of needy students in the University libraries and cafeterias, ‎and creative students in training artistic and athletic groups.‎

Student Partnerships

Encouraging student partnership and communication with the local community, ‎especially local universities, in addition to Arab and international universities.

The following are some examples of these partnerships:

  • The Centre for Applied Research in Education (CARE)‎
  • The participation of a student group in competitions at the Center for Adventure, Challenge, and Exploration in Jordan
  • A visit by academically- and artistically-talented students to Stavanger University ‎for the exchange of skills and experiences
  • The participation of the Deanship of Students Affairs art group in the Arab ‎Students’ Art Forum which was held in the South Valley University, District of ‎Qana/Egypt since 2004
  • Participating in the University Theatre Festival in Fez, Morocco in April 2012
  • The participation of the different athletic groups of the university in activities with ‎local, Arab, and international universities

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