An-Najah is home to a group of bank branches located on both the Old and the New Campuses.
These branches offer services to facilitate banking transactions for both students and staff, ‎including tuition fees, salaries, loans, etc. Additionally, each branch has an ATM (Automated ‎Teller Machine).

Sports Complex

The University Sports Complex, inaugurated on November 22, 2008 by President Mahmoud ‎Abbas, ‎is one of the most advanced sports facilities in Palestine. The Complex provides both ‎excellent ‎training facilities for students of the Physical Education Department, and recreational ‎opportunities ‎for students wishing to participate in a variety of fitness and athletic activities.   ‎

The Complex has a total area of 7,600 square meters and spans three floors. It is equipped with ‎‎some of the highest quality fitness amenities including:‎

  • An international, half-Olympic sized swimming pool with an integrated electronic system. ‎‎(It is the ‎first pool of its kind in the West Bank)  ‎
  • Outdoor courts for basketball, volleyball, and tennis which can accommodate more than ‎‎400 ‎persons.‎
  • Indoor courts for basketball, volleyball, handball, and badminton which can host an ‎audience of ‎‎500.‎
  • Squash, gymnastics, table tennis, and boxing facilities.‎
  • Fitness Center with fitness instruction rooms and multi-purpose rooms.‎
  • Two saunas.‎
  • Locker rooms and changing facilities.‎
  • Sound and PA system.‎

The Sports Complex was made possible through generous donations from Mr. Mohammad ‎Ahmed ‎Abu-Ghazaleh and Mr. Riad Kamal. It enables the University to contribute to the ‎development of ‎physical education programmes in Palestine as well as enhance the fitness and ‎wellbeing of the ‎university community. The Sports Complex Administration works continuously ‎to partner with ‎various sports clubs and community institutions in order to offer the best sports ‎and athletic ‎services to the university community and the city of Nablus.‎

The University offers its facilities to local community and also arranges several sport activities with the communities such as schools, elderly people, youth and other universities free of charge. in addition, the university offers swimming pool to the community through a fee paid by participants.

Shopping Center

​An-Najah is home to a group of private sector shops serving both students and staff inside the ‎New Campus. An-Najah aims to reinforce the role of the private sector as it offers vital services ‎and products to An-Najah students and staff.


An-Najah’s cafeterias in the ‎New Campus, the Old Campus, Faculty of Agriculture and ‎Veterinary Medicine, Hisham Hijjawi College of Technology serve the finest and the highest ‎quality of food to its students and staff. The food delivered follows the health regulations and ‎meets the sustainable food policy and the purchasing policy.‎

The cafeterias also provide a wide range of food and dishes. They take into account the food ‎that vegans, vegetarians, athletes and people with chronical diseases consume. Many dishes are ‎healthy and balance the carbs, protein, vitamins, minerals and fat ratio to provide the best ‎experience to our consumers with a healthy diet. In addition of providing a wide range of fruits. ‎

The cafeterias prepare the food in the most sustainable way. Most of the vegetables the ‎cafeterias provide are purely organic and are planted and picked up from our own farms. This ‎makes the prices of these dishes affordable and even cheaper than the restaurants and cafes’ ‎food outside the campuses.  ‎

An-Najah Mosque

The New Campus Mosque was established in 2005 and consists of three floors with a total area of 3140 m2. An-Najah constructed mosques in its four campuses (Old, New, Hijjawi and Khadouri) where they include separate prayer rooms for women and men, health facilities, multi-purpose rooms and a minaret.

Day Care Center

The An-Najah Day Care Center is a non-profit center that was established by the end of 1980s to serve staff's children.
The center is located to the North of the Old Campus and consists of four rooms. It also homes 30 children supervised by three experts. 

The Central Warehouse and Car Parking Sites

This project includes the building of a central ground warehouse with a total area of 300 square ‎meters to store supplies and equipment for the laboratories of the Faculties of Science and ‎Pharmacy. The warehouse will also store sound system equipment belonging to the Hikmat Al-‎Masri Amphitheater (storage space for this purpose is a total area of 40 square meters). 

The project also includes the building of retaining walls and green spaces with a total area of 500 ‎meters. The building’s roof will serve as a parking site for vehicles while the neighboring yard ‎will be modified to serve as another parking site that allows approximately 50 cars to park ‎comfortably.

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