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Administrative Control

The Administrative Control Department works in conjunction with the University's Finance Control Department. The latter controls, reviews, and audits financial affairs in order to regulate expenditure at the University, while the former seeks to fulfill the University's main goals through a set of policies, plans and other procedures.

It also ensures that all administrative instructions are executed properly by the different administrative bodies.

First: To abide by administrative policies:
This requires the Department to follow-up with the different administrative departments at the University and make sure that the administrative instructions are clear, so that each department is functioning properly according to the administrative directions it receives.

Second: Economic use of resources:
The Administrative Control Department aims to rationalize the disbursement of money at the University and promote optimal use of the available resources, preventing squandering and misuse.  

Third: Proper distribution of responsibilities:
The Department seeks to reinforce the effectiveness of the internal control system at the University by properly distributing administrative duties among the employees. Also, it makes sure that no single employee handles a certain task alone and that everyone works together to achieve the desired goals. The Department furthermore monitors the distribution of responsibilities among the different administrative departments so as to prevent their duties from overlapping or conflicting with each other.

  • Inform the University Administration about work progress and its compliance with the set policies and plans.
  • Supervise the different administrative tasks which contribute to the achievement of the University's goals and serve as a basis for external control bodies.
  • Assist the University Administration in solving major problems and make the working environment more dynamic.
  • Report specific problems and issues to the University Administration and suggest improvements.
  • Make sure that the instructions that are related to the execution of internal control are properly followed.
  • Provide rehabilitation and training for members of the administrative staff as required.
  • Achieve performance quality by making sure that all tasks are efficiently and properly executed.
  • Audit and analyze administrative procedures to make sure that they comply with the administrative regulations, policies and measures at the University.
  • Develop procedures that are related to general administrative processes, as well as planning and monitoring procedures and work at the University.
  • Ensure that the different departments are carrying out the correct administrative actions as listed in the external control committee reports.
  • Evaluate the consequences of the departments not performing according to the University's policies.
  • Ensure that performance and procedures are properly carried out. Also, to diagnose existing problems and present effective solutions.
  • Prepare reports and analyses along with appropriate guidelines for improvement.
  • Other tasks as required by the Vice President for Administrative Affairs.

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