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Finance Department

The primary responsibility of the Finance Department is to preserve, maintain and utilize the University's available financial resources in the most efficient way, while providing the Unversity's decision makers with accurate financial information to determine strategic planning models. Additionally, the Finance Department is responsible for drafting the annual budget to be approved by the Board of Trustees, as well as for balancing accounts and publishing financial reports.

The Department of Finance also serves the University's internal and external parties in regards to accounting and monetary record keeping. On behalf of the University, the department maintains payroll distribution, student financial services, student loan divisions, and finally external importers through the accounts payable division.

The Finance Department’s mission is to efficiently provide financial services to those who are dealing with the University, as well as to provide University decision makers with professional financial information as needed. The Finance Department seeks to incorporate the values of honesty, accuracy, timeliness, transparency and team initiative in pursuing this mission.

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