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Amman Liaison Office

This office was established as a connecting link between An-Najah National University and other institutions in the Arab and international world for the coordination of administrative, academic and other affairs.

The office devotes itself to following and studying research papers publishable in An-Najah National University Research Journal's two branches; namely, the Human Sciences and the Natural Sciences. Furthermore, the office is also charged with receiving both deanship notes and the journal's editing staff decisions, and eventually delivering them to the researchers in question (faculty and academic members) from Jordanian and Arab universities so as to be published in the journal. The office is entrusted with following up on all procedures pertinent to receiving and delivering correspondence, or related to research papers forwarded by the Deanship of Scientific Research  to be evaluated by university professors from Jordan and abroad.

Licensed by the Department of Press and Publications to Jordan, the office is in charge of distributing the journal to Arab universities, cultural, and scientific institutions.

Liaison Office
P.O. Box: 254
Zip code: 11941
Al-Jubaiha, Amman
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Tel.: +962-6-5345886
Tel.: +962-6-5334116
Fax: +962-6-5345886

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