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Engineering and Construction Department

Established in 1978, the Engineering and Construction Department (ECD) is in charge of all necessary engineering work in terms of supervision, planning and implementation.

Credit goes to this department for the development and sustainability of the University's buildings. Staffed by highly-qualified engineers and technicians, the department follows up on all works, from conception to delivery.

It is also responsible for the maintenance of old buildings and their renovation and upgrading on a regular basis.

Completed Projects

  • Preparation of all necessary plans for the additional construction of the New Library and College of Science buildings, in addition to the follow up of these plans with the concerned authorities to get necessary licenses and supervision of the completion of the work.
  • Designing architectural and construction plans for the Faculty of Arts and following up on these plans with the municipality and other authorities to get building permits and supervise the work.
  • Following up on the engineering plans for the two auditoriums, the Student Center and the University Administration Building to get necessary permits for execution and completion of work.
  • The department executed the plans for the Administration Building in lieu of the contractor. It also executed the completion of the foundations for the aforementioned buildings.
  • Planning, supervising and execution of work in the open areas: courtyards, gardens, and interior stairways.
  • Submitting all necessary plans for additions and renovations, and supervising the completion of all work.

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