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Computer Center

The Computer Center has provided cutting edge information technology resources for both University operations and student use.

In addition to the servers, computer banks and other hardware and software that the Computer Center supplies to the University, the Center provides expertise and knowledge that ensures that our students, researchers, administrators and academics are able to fulfill the University's mission in pursuing higher education.

The multifaceted responsibilities of the Computer Center require that it maintains all University computers and software, as well as training staff members in its use. The University network is provided across all our campuses through the Computer Center, as well as appropriate access to computers to fully utilize this system.

Among the software proficiencies held by the highly trained Computer Center staff are development tools such as Java, Oracle, Visual Basic and Microsoft Access. The technological acumen of the department with these and other programs has been used to create the University accounting and payroll systems, as well as a digital student records archive, the library indexing system, and the An-Najah Intranet site.

  • The services provided by the Computer Center (CC) have been changing and increasing rapidly because IT and communication have become more and more essential to most of the activities and projects executed at the University.
  • Because of that, the mission of the CC has been defined as, "To maintain and utilize the latest in information and communication technologies to be used at the University wherever possible and feasible, and to keep these efforts and investments in order to get priceless benefits of information technology". 
  • Developing, implementing and  maintaining all applications needed by the University administration, faculties and centers.
  • Helping the University administration and management by creating a computerized environment that provides decision-makers and administrators with all information needed for their work, and which allows the flow of work and information between them.
  • Assisting the academic mission of the University by providing a computerized academic environment that facilitates the teaching and learning process, and helps the students, faculty members and researchers to reach and find any information or service needed.
  • Providing a reliable and high-performance communications environment that allows employees to easily communicate with each other and with the outside world.
  • Utilizing the latest in information and communications technology in all projects at the University.
  • Maintaining the available services at the University.
  • Providing IT and communication services including consulting, programming and project management to the local community.

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