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Vice President for Planning, Development and Quality Assurance Office

Greetings and welcome to the website of the Vice President for Planning, Development and Quality Assurance Office. This site aims to establish communication between the QAU and its stakeholders inside and outside the university, explaining our vision and mission and describing all our activities, projects, programs, plans and achievements.

An-Najah National University has established itself as a leader in the field of quality assurance systems both nationally and internationally, whether in the realm of academia, administration, scientific research or community service.


The Office seeks to be an active center for quality assurance to maintain the desired excellence at all levels at the university.


Our Mission is to ensure a good quality culture on the different University levels, and to improve the quality of academic and administrative processes, scientific research, and community service, with active participation from all stakeholders. We are looking to implement the best international practices in the field of quality, matching it with our own requirements and environment.

  • To establish a quality-focused culture within the university.
  • To improve the standards for quality in the academic and administrative departments, scientific research, and community service in the university, with the participation of all university employees.
  • To Adopt and implement local, regional and international quality standards, taking into consideration the specific needs and conditions of the university.
  • Following up on the self-evaluation process undertaken by all academic programs and administrative departments at the University.
  • Providing the academic and administrative departments with feedback on their self-evaluation process.
  • Preparing the Annual University Achievements report.
  • Providing principles and standards to ensure quality of all academic programs at the university.
  • Following up, reviewing and updating the university strategic plan to insure efficient implementation of the standards to achieve the university’s goals.
  • Organizing and managing seminars and training courses for the purpose of developing the university staff’s capacity and expertise in the field of quality and planning.
  • Providing the needed technical support for the faculties in preparing new academic programs proposal to fit the requirements of the national accreditation agency (AQAC).
  • Representing the university in quality related programs or projects locally both and internationally.
  • Editing and reviewing the quality assurance documents and courses.
  • Providing support and training to the administrative departments for preparing standard operation procedures (SOPs) based on the ISO-9001 guidelines.
  • Preparing and updating university’s policies and procedures manuals at all levels of work.

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