Quality at An-Najah University

The Quality Assurance Unit at ANU operates within a clear approach that derives its functions from the following foundations:

  • ANU Quality Policies: which are a set of policies, describing the university’s approaches different aspects of higher education: Academic, Administrative, Scientific Research and Community Service. These policies are reviewed and updated when needed, and adopted in coordination with all stakeholders, and supervised by the Quality Assurance Unit and the QAU Council.
  • The QAU reviews and adopts its long-term and short-term plans and targets according to the university’s defined priorities. The plans are continuously updated, published on the QAU website, and implemented in coordination with all stakeholders from inside and outside the university.
  • The QAU also, publishes its strategic framework on its website in order to circulate its vision, mission and objectives and promote active participation among all stakeholders.

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