Institutional Research Unit

Greetings and welcome to the website of the Institutional Research Unit at An-Najah National University. Our unit is committed to provide data that supports decision making process at the university.

The information we collect, analyze, and report assists the university strategic planning and institutional development activities and reinforces the use of data for continual quality improvement.


Supporting excellence in decision making at An-Najah National University through providing reliable information.


To collect, organize, analyze and disseminate information related to students, courses, staff, programs, departments, units, administrations and other resources to provide to both internal and external constituents for the purposes of describing, documenting, and publishing institutional information and measures of effectiveness.

  • To promote a culture of planning, assessment and effectiveness at the university.
  • To form a huge data hub to preserve relevant data history to be accessed by relevant parties.
  • To support the university in sustainable institutional development through providing information that is timely and of the highest quality.
  • Conduct assessment, diagnostic and institutional studies and surveys for the university.
  • Establishing a data warehouse for the university and maintain historical data for trend analysis. 
  • Provide analytical support for university planning, management, and assessment.
  • Preparation of the university annual fact book.
  • Developing and monitoring the electronic system for collection, computation and dissemination of key performance indicators (KPI) data and results.
  • Serve as advocate for the university in external reporting and publications that are essential for the university to receive subsidy, financial aid, accreditation, and a positive public image.
  • Support all academic and nonacademic units with University data, research results and recommendations.
  • Provide support for continual improvement assessment activities in the university.
  • Ensuring that data is adequately maintained and regularly updated.

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