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Media Center

We have a young and qualified team that is passionate about disseminating educational, cultural, economic, religious and youth-related topics locally, regionally and internationally.

Nbc also exchanges media material with other channels.

The Media Center facilitates regular training courses and workshops for students, graduates and media professionals, tackling contentious issues pertaining to women's rights, multi-ethnicity, human rights and democracy.

Began broadcasting in July 2013, providing media content with a cultural message to raise awareness and it has grown phenomenally.

Today An-Najah Radio broadcasts cover Palestine on these frequencies:

91.4 - Nablus / Middle Coast /Southern Triangle

104.4 - East of Nablus / Central Jordan Valley

102.8 - Jenin / Umm al-Fahm / Nazareth

91.7 - Ramallah / Al-Bireh / Jerusalem / Bethlehem / Southern Jordan Valley / Salfit / Jericho

91.6 – Tulkarem

Nbc began with an experimental broadcast in May 2015. It is the first public broadcasting channel in the Middle East by a Palestinian University on Nilesat.

In May 2015, we launched, covering a broad spectrum of programs - cultural, social, religious, political and economic.

You can watch us by setting your frequency on Horizontal 12645

Production - includes photography, editing, directing and documentary films.

Photography: We use state-of-the-art equipment in our six in-door studious.

Editing and Directing: Our editors condense sequences to maximize space, time and information.

The Master Control Room (MCR): Our technicians ensure media content is clear and suitable for broadcast. They also control our Facebook-Live and co-ordinate with other Channels. We have 4 live streams using Live U technology and an outside control room.

Program Unit: We strive to embody the spirit of authenticity and modernity by offering programs on the concept of justice, equality, pluralism, human rights and democracy, contribution to human development and in doing so, reinforce the role of civil society’s institutions. For example, we have a program which tackles successful and inspirational stories about the handicapped, which is even presented by handicapped young presenters, giving them the opportunity to play an active role in society.

News Unit: We provide comprehensive coverage of political and social events via news programs with correspondences based in Ramallah, Nablus, Hebron, Gaza, Jerusalem, and others in Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and Egypt. Our investigative journalism has also had a significant impact.

Najah Plus Unit: A digital platform has been created to transform posts, opinions and issues the people all over the world are interested in to short digital videos that raise the level of interaction with such topics and convey message to all kinds of audience.These videos are published on all social media platforms of the Media Center (Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - YouTube - WhatsApp - Telegram)

Social Media platform

Najah Broadcasting Channle:

Najah Radio Station:

Najah News Website:

Najah Plus:

In February 2017, Al-Najah News Website was launched, with interactive communication. Our content journalists prepare, write and follow up on local, regional and international news that is then published on our website characterized by transparency and credibility in monitoring events and news of interest to Palestine and the Arab world.

This unit is responsible of communication, networking, planning, developing and performing projects concerning media production for local and international institutions, and others that are related to governmental associations and non-governmental ones. This unit, has equipment, tools and highly professional and qualified working team who is able to work on such projects. In addition, this unit is responsible for providing different kinds of production and broadcasting services in Palestine and abroad.

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