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Public Relations Department

The Public Relations Department has a pivotal role within the university in ‎that it is the first port of call for contacts and visitors; as such it takes the main ‎role of announcing to the outside world and implementing the number of ‎various activities developed by the university’s faculties and centers. A look at ‎An-Najah's website will give an indication of the department's efforts.

A major ‎part of its work is the preparation of university publications, event ‎management, conferences and cultural displays.

The Public Relations Department has the overall responsibility of projecting a ‎positive image of the university to the public domain. It also aims at ‎preserving and maintaining a respectable reputation for the University while ‎providing information for prospective students, professors and the public in ‎general. It also organizes visits and accompanies guests on campus.

Public Relations Function

The Public Relations Department aims at preserving and developing An-Najah ‎image to its public and the external audience. The department bases its ‎philosophy on the needs of its target groups, and believes in maintaining the ‎trust and support of its community in hopes of enriching the communication ‎between them.‎

The Public Relations Department aims at preserving the image of An-Najah ‎and keeping its mission on the right track. It is considered the communication ‎link between the university and its surrounding community. It also bases its ‎philosophy on the needs of its target groups and believes in maintaining the ‎trust and support of its community in hopes of enriching the communication ‎between them.

The department believes in the mission that is based on empowering ‎relationships between the university and both local and private sectors, as well ‎as local civil society associations. It keeps contact with a number of different ‎groups by various avenues - including media, internet, mailing lists, ‎publications, events management, seminars, workshops, curricula and non ‎curriculum activities. It also works diligently to strengthen its interaction with ‎groups, students, employees, graduates, families, NGOs and governmental ‎institutions.

The role of the department can be summarized by the following points:‎

  • Building a strong and favorable reputation for the University.‎
  • Enhancing students' affiliation with and pride towards their University.‎
  • Spreading support and trust for the University among the public.‎
  • Building trust and mutual relations with the external audiences in various academic and social ‎fields.‎

In order to achieve the previously mentioned goals, the Department focuses ‎on communication and influencing the community in the following ways:‎

  • Organizing activities (conferences, lectures, workshops and video ‎conferences)‎.
  • Organizing scientific exhibitions.
  • Offering documentaries and movies.
  • Organizing celebrations (honoring, graduation and eulogy)‎.
  • Preparing projects’ proposals.
  • Representing the university in official occasions.
  • Enrolling in several committees of the Civil Society Institutions.
  • Producing publications.
  • Updating An-Najah website.
  • Supervising the community service students ‎.
  • Training students and graduates.
  • Communicating with the media and social media.
  • Preparing for press conferences.
  • Conducting press releases on activities held.
  • Offering information on An-Najah.
  • Coordinating visits of international delegations.
  • Coordinating school visits.
  • Promoting the university to the international society through the various ‎international programmes it offers.

The following are just some of the activities that the Public Relations Department carries out:‎

  • An-Najah Newsletter: Interviews, reports, feature articles, along with general ‎information.‎
  • Designing and publishing leaflets and booklets about the University.‎
  • Designing and drafting information for the website
  • Point of contact for e-mails coming in and out of the University
  • Publishing books, scientific research, and the yearbook.‎

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