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Public Relations Department

The Public Relations Department is an integral part of the University administrative structure. It has the overall responsibility of projecting a ‎positive image of the university to the public domain. It is also a platform of communication with local, Arab and international institutions as it ‎preserves and maintains a respectable reputation for the University while creating and executing special events designed for public outreach.

The Department aims to communicate with the audience through media whether it's traditional media, social media or speaking engagement to fulfill the University objectives. It also aims to build mutually beneficial relationships between the University and different institutions and societies.

The Public Relations Department aims at enhancing the image of An-Najah University ‎and keeping its mission on the right track. It also aims to protect, enhance and build the University reputation through the media, social media, and self-produced communications. It manages communication between the University and its internal and external public to maintain the trust and support of its community.

The Department aspires to maintain the trust of its audience through building an authentic communication with them. It also aspires to empower ‎the relationship between the University and both local and private sectors, as well ‎as local civil society associations. It keeps contact with a number of different ‎groups by various avenues - including the press, audio station, TV channel, the internet, social media, mailing lists, ‎publications, events management, seminars, exhibitions, lectures, workshops and curricula and extra‎curricula activities. In addition, it works to strengthen interaction with ‎groups, students, employees, graduates, families, NGOs and governmental ‎institutions.

  • Building a strong and favorable reputation for the University.‎
  • Enhancing students' affiliation with and pride towards their University.‎
  • Spreading support and trust for the University among the public.‎
  • Building trust and mutual relations with the external audiences in various academic and social ‎fields.‎
  • Playing an active role in enhancing students, staff and audience skills through scientific, cultural and technical activities
  • Promoting national affiliation through holding activities about Palestine's history, and its political strife
  • Issuing introductory publications about the University in Arabic and English to generate audience interest
  • Raising the audience awareness about different issues
  • Enhancing the University web presence through creating and executing special events designed for public outreach and media relations
  • Maintaining effective internal and external communication through youth exchange programs
  • Organizing activities (conferences, lectures, workshops and video ‎conferences)‎
  • Organizing scientific exhibitions
  • Offering documentaries and movies
  • Organizing celebrations (honoring, graduation and eulogy)‎
  • Representing the university in official occasions
  • Enrolling in several committees of the Civil Society Institutions
  • Producing publications
  • Enriching and updating An-Najah University website
  • Supervising the community service students ‎
  • Training students and graduates
  • Communicating with the press and social media
  • Preparing for press conferences
  • Conducting press releases on activities held
  • Offering information about An-Najah University
  • Coordinating visits of international delegations
  • Coordinating school visits
  • Promoting the University internationally through the various ‎international programs it offers

The following are just some of the activities that the Public Relations Department carries out:‎

  • An-Najah Newsletter: Interviews, reports, feature articles, along with general ‎information.‎
  • Designing and publishing leaflets and booklets about the University.‎
  • Designing and drafting information for the website
  • Point of contact for e-mails coming in and out of the University
  • Publishing books, scientific research, and the yearbook.‎

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