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Department's Units

The Media Unit covers the events organized on campus and distributes press ‎releases to the local media, who in turn post the information online. The Unit ‎publishes its reports on Arab websites and magazines. It also conducts reports ‎on the University facilities, extracurricular events, conferences and ceremonies. ‎The Unit takes care of the archiving and documenting of the University`s daily ‎news, pictures and PDF files saved on electronic format. In addition, the Media ‎Unit takes care of posting the daily news on the University website and ‎Teletext Magazine, which contains news, images and announcements of the ‎University. It covers the city of Nablus and the surrounding area and is ‎considered to be one of the PR Department's most useful promotional tools.

Publications Unit

The Public Relations Department is in charge of creating and disseminating a number of ‎publications that are used as a means of communicating with the University and the outside ‎community. Such publications promote the various University faculties, research centers, events ‎and news.‎


Resalet An-Najah (Quarterly Magazine-Arabic Version)‎

The PR Department issued the 1st issue of Resalet An-Najah in 1982. This magazine documents ‎the history of the University, its faculties, delegations, guests, visitors, international projects and ‎articles. This magazine is distributed across the University to professors, faculty, associations and ‎students.‎

Newsletter (Quarterly, English)‎

Newsletter has a selection of news that includes a sample of the University's academic and ‎extracurricular accomplishments. It has a comprehensive view of what the University entails and ‎what it has to offer to outsiders. Newsletter is distributed in both hard and soft copy to its ‎readers and those on the University mailing list, including international bodies and associations ‎who are interested in receiving regular updates from the University.‎

Academic Catalog (English & Arabic)‎

The Catalogue is published as a guide for students and for other Palestinian and Arab ‎Universities, as well as academic institutions that An-Najah has fostered ties with. The University ‎looks forward to the opportunity to strengthen mutual intellectual and cultural exchange to enrich ‎the academic courses and research at the University. The Catalogue was originally created for the ‎Palestinian community to keep them abreast of the various achievements that the University has ‎made in the last few decades. This Catalogue highlights the University`s structure, role, goals, ‎constitution, colleges, departments, and course offerings, as well as descriptions of its numerous ‎faculty members.‎

Graduates' Book

The Graduates' Book contains images of the graduation ceremony, the graduates themselves, and ‎staff members, as well as information about the graduation.‎

Students' Guidebook (Yearly, Arabic)‎

The Students' Guidebook is distributed to high school students who wish to apply for admission ‎at the University. The Guidebook includes information about instruction, laws, faculties, ‎departments, credit hours and facilities. It helps students to make the best selection about what ‎field they should apply for.‎

An-Najah Brochure (Arabic)‎

The An-Najah Brochure informs readers about the history and establishment of the University, its ‎development, upgrades, faculties, departments, awards and scientific centers.‎

Focus on An-Najah (English)‎

Focus on An-Najah is one of the University’s unique publications. It offers helpful information to ‎readers about the University’s history, campuses, structure, board of trustees, councils, faculties, ‎administrative departments, unions, deanships, professional and teaching centers, medical ‎services, library, facilities, radio station, scholarships and other pertinent information.‎

Tawjihi Brochure

The University distributes this publication to local high school students. It includes basic ‎information on the programs the University offers, curriculum, and terms of admission and ‎registration.‎

Brochures for school students

These brochures are issued to school students who come to visit the University, especially in the ‎spring semester. The brochures contain important information about the University, its faculties, ‎departments, the scientific degrees it offers, as well as the major developments the University has ‎achieved and the scientific awards it won.‎

An-Najah Booklet (Arabic)‎

The An-Najah Booklet briefs An-Najah’s guests on its history, faculties, academic programmes ‎and degrees, sciebtific centres and its various facilities.‎

Scientific Centres Book

The scientific centers’ book offers information on An-Najah’s scientific centers dutires, services ‎and academic and research role in developing the local community.‎

The Public Relations Department organizes academic and extracurricular ‎activities that reinforce social communication, develops students and staff ‎skills and bridges relations between An-Najah and institutions of the local ‎community to achieve sustainable development. The university hosts the ‎following activities:‎

Conferences and workshops

The department organizes workshops in humanities and sciences that support ‎scientific research and academic exchange among participating universities.‎

Scientific and Artistic Exhibitions

The department organizes exhibitions to An-Najah students in addition to local ‎and international artists to reinforce cultural exchange and raise students’ ‎awareness.‎

Organizing Visits and Receiving International Delegations

An-Najah receives international guests in order to reinforce mutual cooperation ‎and introduce them to An-Najah’s faculties, centres and academic ‎programmes.‎

Video Conferences

The PR Department aims to create a dynamic learning environment for cultural ‎understanding, and to provide experience in sharing and partnership in order ‎to achieve higher knowledge and respect amongst people of different ‎nationalities. By organizing video conferences, our goal is to build a wide ‎network of people to share in collaboration with Palestinians.

Note: We use ISDN lines. The Video Conference lines are:‎

  • ‎00972 9 2345801‎
  • ‎00972 9 2345802‎
  • ‎00972 9 2344803‎
  • ‎00972 9 2344804‎
  • ‎00972 9 2346605‎
  • ‎00972 9 2345806‎

Other Activities:‎

  • ‎Cultural and Sports activities
  • ‎Organizing Schools Visits

To organize a conference at the University, please fill out these application forms and send them back to [email protected]

Pre-Conference Form.

Post-Conference Form.

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