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Volunteers and Voluntary Work

The Public Relations Department attracts local and international volunteers ‎and organizes academic and social activities for those volunteers who ‎contribute in supporting and developing An-Najah’s mission.‎

For those who are interested in volunteering, please e-mail us on: ‎[email protected]

Volunteers are awarded appreciation certificates at the end of their voluntary ‎work.‎

The tasks involved are:

  • Writing proposals
  • Drafting correspondence, agreements, and articles
  • Editing English
  • Guiding and hosting delegations
  • Interacting with local students
  • Participating  in University activities
  • Working online
  • Training local students on public speaking, conversation, communication skills, writing essays, media, and reporting
  • Establishing communications for networking
  • Establishing contacts internationally with associations from across the globe
  • Participating with staff and students in general office tasks
  • Facilitating general workshop and office practices
  • Demonstrating a keen awareness to facilitate with staff in the office and the field

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