The Human Resources Department consists of a number of sub-departments ‎that provide various services to An-Najah staff.‎


  • Training and Orientation.
  • Salaries.
  • Human Resources Planning and recruitment.
  • Personnel matters which consist of:
  • Monitoring  annual vacation for university staff.
  • Calculating work leave hours for university staff.
  • Monitoring sickness leave periods for university staff.
  • Monitoring Hajj vacation.
  • Following up on general insurances cases.
  • Following up on work injury cases.
  • Following up on personal insurance cases.
  • Following up on life insurance cases.
  • Following up on insurance for cancer cases.
  • Preparing academic staff archives.
  • Preparing administrative staff archives.
  • Preparing files for retired university staff.
  • Receiving job applications.
  • Following up on work hours for university staff.
  • Documenting files pertaining to administrative staff.
  • Computing information about the administrative staff.
  • Preparing administrative staff's IDs.
  • Following up on job move for administrative staff.
  • Following up on all administrative mattersrelated to scholarships candidates.
  • Documenting the files pertaining to academic staff.
  • Computing information about the academic staff.
  • Preparing academic staff's IDs .
  • Preparing all statistics about the academic staff.
  • Following on compensation and academic rank for academic staff.
  • Documenting the files pertaining to part-time administrative employees .
  • Documenting files pertaining to part-time academic employees.
  • Computing information about the part-time staff.

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