Al Ghurair STEM Scholarships

The Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation for Education (AGFE), one of the largest privately funded philanthropic initiatives in Education, supports Arab students in pursuit of their Bachelor or Master’s degree in a STEM-related field at top universities in the region and abroad.

AGFE is committed to reaching over 15,000 promising Arab youth from across the Arab World over the next ten years. The Foundation is focused on creating new and exciting opportunities to activate their untapped potential, allowing them to rewrite their future.

The Al Ghurair STEM Scholars Program targets high-achieving students who are in need of financial support to embark on their education journey. It offers scholarships towards tuition and other university expenses, support towards housing, health insurance, and a monthly allowance to cover other living expenses. In addition to financial support, the Program aims to ensure that all its scholars receive quality academic advising and career counselling, as well as opportunities to access community service and internships in their career fields.

An-Najah National University is a partner university in Palestine, and is working alongside the AGFE in order to invite students from Palestine and the Arab World to apply for the chance to study at An-Najah National University through this unique scholarship program.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Arab citizen from who does not have another citizenship.‎
  • Be in financial need and able and willing to provide proof of financial need.‎
  • Age 17-30 years old.‎
  • Earned no less than an 85% GPA in high school (if applying as a new student to an undergraduate ‎degree) or no less than a 3.2 at university (for existing student who completed 50% at most of ‎their degree program requirements).‎
  • Be proficient in language of the program (English/French) to standards acceptable by top ‎universities.‎
  • Be admitted to one of our partner universities for an undergraduate or graduate degree in a ‎STEM-related program or planning to apply before respective deadline.‎
  • Preference will be given to applicants who have lived in the Arab World for at least 12 years of ‎their life.‎

The Al Ghurair Foundation also considers the financial need of applicants. Applicants may have to ‎submit supporting documentation to the Foundation regarding their financial need. Applicants must also ‎be accepted into one of the selected STEM undergraduate degree programs. For a list of eligible degree ‎programs:

For more information on the criteria, refer to the AGFE Website Here.‎

Application information

The scholarship application will be available online through the Foundation’s website starting on Dec 3, ‎‎2017 to Jan 14, 2018. The Foundation will review all completed applications and final decisions will be ‎made in April 15, 2018.‎

Students are expected to complete separate applications for the scholarship and admission into an ANU ‎Undergraduate STEM degree program(s). It is strongly recommended that students complete university ‎application(s) by each program’s priority deadline.‎

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