Frequently Asked Questions

The office offers a wide range of Masters’ and PhD scholarships and regularly posts ‎announcements on its website. The website provides the students with detailed ‎information about each scholarship.

Applicants should:‎

  • Have achieved a very good GPA in the BA or MA
  • Obtain the IELTS or the TOEFL certificate
  • Choose a subject that the university is in need of
  • Meet the requirements of the scholarship provider
  • ‎PhD Scholarships
  • ‎MA Scholarships
  • ‎Student Exchange Programmes for one or two semesters such as Erasmus ‎Mundus, Bilkent University, etc
  • ‎Short visit programmes for academic and administrative staff through the E+, ‎Erasmus Mundus, DAAD, Fulbright and others

Before departure, the student will be asked to have a trade-union member patron and sign a contract to return and teach at the university for a minimum of three times the length of their degree.

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