My name is Marah Hithnawi, and I am a Master’s student in Business Management at ‎An-Najah National University. I have studied at Ca’Foscari University in Venice for six ‎months as part of a student exchange programme, and it was a journey to remember.

By: Marah Hithnawi

Reading about a scholarship at An-Najah’s website to Venice, my dream city, has ‎stopped me from thinking twice about applying. Although I have been rejected the ‎first time I applied, I never stopped trying, because I believe that if you want ‎something so bad, you should never stop trying and you will eventually get it.

Travelling to a new country is definitely not easy. The first few days in Venice were ‎the most difficult ones. We were unaccustomed to a car-free city, or to be specific ‎unacquainted with the water bus service there.

One of the most important things to do prior to travelling on a study exchange trip is ‎to get to know other university students who are willing to help you once you arrive. ‎Also, registering in language courses will help you communicate easily with locals.

During my stay in Italy, I have had a wonderful time, lived unforgettable experience, ‎gained valuable information and got introduced to new cultures and lifestyles.

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