By: Seri Dablah

I am Seri Dablah, a Law student who studied at Santiago De Compostela University in Spain for five months through an Erasmus BA exchange programme.

Erasmus Programme gave the opportunity to live solely in a country that has a different language and culture for the very first time. Travelling alone has taught me how to rely on myself.

Living in Europe, or specifically in Spain, is like a dream that came true. It gave me the opportunity to learn about new cultures and languages and meet people from all over the world.

During my exchange period, I visited many Spanish cities and many European countries. I have also participated in all of the University’s activities and Erasmus activities as well.

I was introduced into a new educational system which is different from ours; it was difficult, but I enjoyed it. This was a great experience and I thank Erasmus for giving me this once-in-a-lifetime chance.

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