By: Ma’ali Hamza

My name is Ma’ali Hamza, and I'm an English Language and Literature student at An-Najah ‎National University. I had a wonderful 6-months student exchange experience in Stavanger, ‎Norway.‎

Aside from it being a dream that came true, travelling to Norway enriched my experience on ‎both the practical and personal levels. I have seized every moment whilst my stay in Norway; I ‎have made new friends from whom I have learned about the Norwegian culture, customs and ‎lifestyle. I have also obtained a degree in Norwegian language. This experience has also set me ‎on the right path to a brighter academic future.‎

Since I believe in the saying “Create your own path to success”, I, as well as my colleague ‎students who have studied at Norway, decided to act a theatre performance at our university ‎about our experience taking “Riders to the Sea” play as our ‎graduation project. We performed well and the audience were impressed. ‎

From what I have learned from my stay in Norway, I recommend students to seize these life-‎changing opportunities, never miss the experience of studying abroad and pass on what they ‎have learned to our home country. ‎

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