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The Palestinian Center for Helping Resolve Community Disputes, PCHRCD, organized a conference on the activation of Palestinian Woman in political participation on Monday the 27th of April.

Mr.Bilal Salameh, the Director of the Community Service Center, CSC, made a speech in which he explained the importance of Palestinian women’s participation in the political process in Palestine, especially in such hard times.

Prof.Rami Hamdallah, the University President, talked about the difficulties encountered by Palestinian women in their struggle for their rights. He urged them to
strengthen their demand for political and social rights and to conduct more research and projects to improve their conditions.

The papers were focused on statistics, concepts, means and obstacles to women’s struggle for freedom and social justice.

Mr.Ahmad Abu Ayesh, the Director of PCHRCD, thanked the University for hosting the conference which recommended the organization of more conferences on the empowerment of women and their involvement in political associations and decision making.

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