Duration: 48 Months (4 Years)
Degree Awarded: Bachelor
The B.A. program in law is constructive and purposeful. The amendments made on the study plan are good. This amended plan aims to familiarize students with most important topics in law. The faculty has a qualified cadre of teachers who generously give the best knowledge they have and provide all academic assistance to all students. The policy of not restricting students to contents of courses and encouraging legal research, activities, comments on court judgments contributes to legal personality building of law students and turns out productive graduates. This is in addition to support given to top notch students and creation of spirit of healthy competition between students.
Iman Mawqadi
The courses on the plan address and meet the needs and expectations of the future generation of lawyers in Palestine from the theoretical and practical perspectives. The plan has important courses such as Arbitration Law, Intellectual Property Law, Insurance Law and Land Law. These compulsory courses are necessary for the would-be lawyer from a practical side. There is also a trend in the faculty to teach international law courses in English because sources and references are rich and comprehensive in this field. I have written a paper on action cancellation in administrative court (pending publication). Internationally, I participated in JESSUP contest held in Washington, USA. I ranked the second best litigant at the national level in that contest. I have worked as trainer for students in the moot court within a work team headed by Dr. Mo’ayad Hattab. I have also organized and produced a law seminar entitled “Ratification of Arbitration Agreement in Work Contracts.” This work was supervised by Dr. Mo’ayad H
Jawad Salman
Success has its own people who appreciate its meaning. Creativity, likewise, has its own people who reap it. We joined this wonderful undergraduate major with a strong conviction that it would raise our intellectual and cultural levels, develop our ambition for a bright future and unify our venerable teachers’ message which keeps fluttering in the sky. Warmest greetings, loyalty and appreciation to them
Aya Nazal

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