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Duration: 48 Months (4 Years)
Degree Awarded: Bachelor

Career Opportunities

  • Becoming a lawyer: by joining the Palestinian Bar Association, ‎after finishing the required two years of internship and passing the ‎required exams.‎
  • Becoming an Academic: law graduates can become a professor of ‎law by obtaining a Master degree (which the Faculty of Law offer ‎several Master programs) and, afterwards, earning a Ph.D. degree ‎from a credited University.‎
  • To become a Judge or a public prosecutor.‎
  • To Join one of the Law Enforcement Agencies: Law graduate ‎students often start their career at the Law enforcement agency ‎with a high-rank position.‎
  • Working for the government: almost all government agencies are ‎hiring law graduates to work at their legal departments or as alegal ‎researcher, tax officers, diplomat, or independent counselors. ‎
  • Working in the private sector, such as Insurance companies.‎
  • Working for NGOs.

Accrediting Organizations

The Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education Accreditation

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