Electrical Power Engineering‎
Duration: 24 Months (2 Years)
Degree Awarded: MSc
Master in Electrical Power Engineering has high priority and importance. It’s importance rises from the greatest need by local, Arabian and global markets for this specialization. And so, this need has been translated to materials and courses which fall under a program that qualifies students for these markets and qualifies them to reach graduate studies and after university sustained education. In addition to the solid program plan there are faculty members having different scientific degrees in different sub-specializations that enrich theoretical and practical aspects of the students. To verify practical aspects there is a number of labs that are continuously developed in addition to practical training that can be used as needed.
Ghazi Riyad Arar
The reputation of the electricity department at the University is just one reason . this attestation of competent foreign delegations. One of the achievements at this level: university obtained a higher estimate of the electrical engineering program in accordance with the United Nations Development Programme in 2008. Also, Scientific culture for faculty members vary according to the diversity of foreign countries that each member earned a degree . Student handle with these experiences will refine his skills and give him a competitive advantage in the labor market . The program offers students much more than just qualification. Electric Power Engineering program at the An-Najah University depends on courses of a high standard and Carefully selected to provide a thoroughly compatible balance between education and Application. The program includes an advanced laboratory provides a comprehensive hands-on training through the modern hardware and software.
Alaa Yousef Hussain Mardawi

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