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University Launches Quiz Contest, An-Najah Cultural Competitions, Adding to Extra-curricular Programs

The University launched An-Najah Cultural Competitions last week with support from Dr. Rami Hamdallah, the University President. The Cultural Competitions, organized by the Dean of Student Affairs, the Public Relations Department, and the Media Center, will add to extra-curricular activities at the university.

The first contest of the Cultural Competitions, held on Feb. 28th, at the Zafer Al-Masri Auditorium of the University’s Old Campus on saw the Faculty of Economics face off against the Faculty of Arts. Mr. Muhammad Al-Atrash, an engineer, emceed the competition and welcomed the judges’ committee composed of Mr. Mahmood Ramadan, Ms. Faten Abu-Zaa'roor, and Mr. Iyad Al-Aqraa', Director of  Student Affairs.

The competition included questions spanning the fields of culture, geography, and the history of Palestine. University students Ohod Wasla and Majdoline Shahid offered a musical performance during the contest’s intermission. After a close competition, the Faculty of Arts edged out the Faculty of Economics by two points to take the first place prize, a financial award offered by the University.  As runner-up, the Faculty of Economics team was awarded a consolation prize which was provided from the generosity of Jihad’s Watch Shop.

Mr. Musa Abu-Dayeh, Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Sam Al-Foqahaa, Director of Public Relations, Dr. Khalil Odeh, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Dr. Maher Abu-Zant, Vice President Assistant for Administrative Affairs, and Ms. Samar Muhsen, Coordinator of Activities, attended the competition and the awards ceremony.  



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