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An-Najah National University, the first Palestinian university to obtain the EFQM European certificate of excellence.

An-Najah National University has been granted the European certificate of excellence by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), making An-Najah the first Palestinian university to adopt the European program of EFQM and to join a select group of Arab and European universities that adhere to this program. An-Najah achieved this certificate after a year of hard work on behalf of the ‘Excellence team ‘ created and trained by the university with the help of ID Management Consultants (IDMC) - a company in Palestine accredited in accordance with the model for excellence in the fields of education and development.

An EFQM expert was sent to An-Najah, following An-Najah’s request to be evaluated by the EFQM. This expert evaluated the program for improvement, which the university implemented after a self-evaluation was made in order to reach the standards of EFQM and RADAR. The expert also met the University Administration, represented by Professor Rami Hamdallah, the President of the University, Dr. Allam Mousa, the President Assistant for Planning, Progression, Quality, and the Executive Team. 

The EFQM report praised the An-Najah’s achievements through the program of excellence and the unity of the executive team in its efforts to realise the program’s goals. It also acknowledged the support that the European expert received from the University’s administration in applying the EFQM standards, all of which reflects the real desire and the commitment to excellence from the leadership and staff at An-Najah.

The President of An-Najah, Prof. Rami Hamdallah stated that:

‘Receiving this certificate portrays a great accomplishment, which An-Najah can add to the existing list of accomplishments attained by trying to reach a globally recognized high standard of higher education, which fulfils part of the university’s strategic plan for the year 2015.’

Dr. Mousa thanked the University’s administration and all its workers, represented by the President and the team of excellence. The latter worked seriously and diligently throughout the whole year on the application of the standards of excellence within the university, with the support of the university administration, its direction and its provision of necessary resources for the implementation of the project.

Dr. Mousa also thanked IDMC and its general director Dr. Amjad Elghanim, who provided guidance to the executive teams to develop a clear work plan that allowed the University to be evaluated by the EFQM and to achieve the certificate of excellence - “To Excellence Committed”.

The European Model of Excellence is one of the most important worldwide models of quality practices in Europe and the rest of the world. It is considered to be a point of reference and a model in the evaluation of a number of Arab certificates of quality practices such as the “King Abdul Allah II Certificate of Excellence”, the “Mahmoud Binrashid Almaktoom Certificate for the Workers” and the “Palestinian Certificate of Excellence and Creativity.”

Dr. Mousa also mentioned that in 2005 An-Najah National University founded the Unit for Quality Assurance. This Unit works alongside all the departments, colleges and scientific centres at An-Najah.  Its aim is to achieve a high quality of teaching and to develop teaching methods in the university in order to ensure that academic teaching is targeted for students, the community and the Labour market.

As part of An-Najah’s continual evaluation of its performance, the University chose to take part in the IEP Program, which depends on the Union of European Universities. As a result it received a report which praised the quality of academic teaching at the university and the university’s progress in serving the Palestinian community in many different spheres, which follows the example of many Universities within the EU.

The achievement of the EFQM certificate can be added to the list of national and international achievements already accomplished by the university. An-Najah ranks as number one amongst the Palestinian Universities and seventh amongst the 700 universities tested in the Arab world. The university has achieved such rankings because of its high level in the Webometrics ranking system, which specialises in the observation of the movement of academic websites. It is one of the most advanced universities in the world in the fields of research, studying, reporting and electronic journalism in the world, allowing the University to be amongst the top 5% of 22,000 universities and educational institutions worldwide.

Byreceiving the EFQM certificate An-Najah has consolidated its position as a university that excels in high quality education and services both locally and  the Arab world, necessitating the formulation of another five year strategic plan.

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