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After years of work, An-Najah's BioSciences Unit (NBU)‎ has received the ‎Palestinian Ministry of Health accreditation and license, making An-Najah National ‎University the first university in Palestine to establish a center for conducting ‎bioequivalence studies following international standards.‎

The University will celebrate the opening of its new Center over the next month. It is ‎now fully operational and is developing a strategic plan to serve the Palestinian ‎community and improve service delivery at the local and regional levels. ‎

Dr. Amjad Hussain, Director of An-Najah's BioSciences Unit (NBU)‎, commented on ‎the role of the new center, "the newly established Center will undoubtedly contribute ‎to a quantum leap in the pharmaceutical industry and will offer a unique service to ‎Palestinian citizens."‎

He also pointed out that the Center is not only the first of its kind to be accredited in ‎Palestine, but only among ten bioequivalence specialized centers in the Arab world. ‎

The Center will be devoted to providing Bioequivalence (BE) studies on locally ‎produced drugs and medicinal products in compliance with national and ‎international guidelines and with therapeutic equivalence evaluations.‎

Dr. Hussein also noted that that these studies will compare local and reference drug ‎products and will look at concentration ratios for both generic and brand drugs.‎

The Center will be supervised by a qualified and well trained group of highly ‎motivated specialists in the fields of medical science and health from the Faculty of ‎Medicine and Health Sciences as well as An-Najah National University Hospital in ‎cooperation with the private sector.‎

It is worth mentioning that An-Najah's BioSciences Unit consists of several ‎departments including the Technical/ Regulatory Department, Data Management & ‎Medical Writing (DMMW) Department, Bio-analytical laboratories, Clinical ‎Operations Department, IT Department, Calibration/Validation Department and ‎Quality Assurance (QA) Department.‎

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