An-Najah BioSciences Unit (NBU)‎

As a result of the tremendous efforts were and still being exerted by An-Najah ‎National University in serving the Palestinian community, several departments and ‎specialized scientific health centres has been established at the University to provide ‎the best services in preserving environment and human health as well as an ‎investment for all the scientific, technical and human resources at the University.‎

In terms of health services which the University provides, the University's academic ‎journey has developed since its inception with the establishment of the Medical ‎Laboratory Department in 1985, followed by the opening of the Faculty of Pharmacy ‎in 1994. ‎

The Faculty of Medicine was established in 2000 accompanied by developing many ‎programmes and departments in the fields of Medicine, Pharmacy, Optics, Nursing ‎and Medical Laboratory Sciences within the last decade. All of these fields have been ‎restructured within the University's development plan to become the Faculty of ‎Medicine and Health Sciences‏.‏

During the year 2013, Najah National University Hospital was established to provide ‎services to the public. Besides, the University has established several of specialized ‎Community Service Centres, which afford direct services to the Palestinian ‎Community and the University students; including the Analysis, Poison Control and Calibration Center (APCC)‎ and the Forensic Medicine Institute.‎

The Palestinian pharmaceutical industry has recently witnessed a remarkable ‎development in all manufacturing and technical fields through the quality of the ‎manufactured products in Palestine and keeping up with the international quality ‎standards. ‎

However, all the Palestinian medicines are local generics which are manufactured in ‎pharmaceutical forms derived from the original brands. Accordingly, the ‎pharmaceutical companies are requested to perform bioequivalence studies (BE); ‎which are designed to compare the local (generic) with the brand (originator) ‎medicines on healthy volunteers.‎

And due to the absence of BE service in Palestine, local companies are forced towards ‎carrying out BE studies outside Palestine, which is a waste of effort and energy. In ‎addition to that, the lack of pharmacological performance achievement on the ‎Palestinians due to different races, which may affect the results of BE studies.‎

To complete the University role in improving its health services, actively contribute ‎in protecting the Palestinian citizen, advance the pharmaceutical industries and ‎provide the efficient local medicine to the Palestinian citizen at the lowest prices, the ‎University has taken upon itself to launch the "BE Unit" project; which directly ‎contributed in the adoption of the No. (21) of 2016 Law, which is concerned with ‎conducting pharmacological studies in Palestine.‎

This law was issued by the Palestinian Advisory & Legislation Bureau in Al-Mumtaz ‎issue No. (13) of the "The Palestinian Chronicle" Official Gazette on the 23rd of ‎November, 2016. Subsequently, the Palestinian Ministry of Health (MoH) started ‎the preparation of regulations and legislation so as to organize the pharmacological ‎studies workflow.‎

NBU Organization Chart


NBU strives to be a lead full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO) in ‎Palestine with a build-up remarkable contribution in best serving the pharmaceutical ‎industry around the globe.‎


Our mission lies in providing the Pharma Partners with the best quality standards and ‎optimal delivery timelines throughout the active participation of our qualified team ‎and the integration of our Risk Management (RM)‎ approach within the services introduced.‎

Conducting Bioequivalence studies as well as Drug Quality – related Clinical ‎Research aims to prove effective and safe use of drug products.

To achieve the NBU vision of independency and absolute objectivity, NBU strives to ‎fulfill the following: ‎

  • Providing BE studies, Pharmacokinetic (Pk) studies and medical evaluations ‎for local pharmaceutical industries according to the requirements and ‎standards of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Palestinian MoH
  • Collaborating to conduct clinical research for the local and regional ‎Pharmaceutical factories
  • Working on improving its services to involve the local and regional ‎Pharmaceutical factories
  • Working as a centre of excellence for training and attracting post graduate ‎students
  • Improving scientific research in cooperation with scientific colleges, especially ‎the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and the Faculty of Science.
  • Submitting consultancy services in the related fields.
  • Performing calibration, toxicity and drug efficacy studies / services.
  • Providing reference methods of drug analysis and validation of methods.
  • Offering various services, consulting and training according to the market's ‎need.

Our Credo is within our Name (NBU)‎:


‎We protect Integrity / Reliability / Confidentiality / Values.‎

Build ‎

‎We build Compliance / Commitment / Credibility / Competitiveness.‎


‎We urge Accountability and Continuous Improvement through our distinguished Risk Management (RM) ‎approach.‎

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