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On Wednesday, September 5, 2018, An-Najah National University signed an MOU with Sabeel Institute; an Arabic Language Institute for non-Native Speakers in Amman, Jordan.

The cooperation contract was signed by Professor Maher Natsheh, Acting President of An-Najah and Dr. Raed Adnan, Sabeel Institute’s Manager.

The contract states the following:

"First, the Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Institute at An-Najah National University shall supervise Sabeel Institute’s regarding the academic side, in terms of training qualified teachers and preparing curricula that will be used in teaching and assessing. Second, each institute shall recommend students to study in the other. Third, An-Najah’s Institute shall issue Sabeel Institute’s certificates. Fourth, Sabeel Institute shall be the official place in Amman, Jordan for setting for the Arabic International Proficiency Exam. Finally, Sabeel Institute shall conduct different sessions in cooperation with the Continuing Education Unit at An-Najah University".


The meeting was also attended by Dr. Raed abdel Rahim, Director of the Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Institute and Mr. Mohammad Kobari, Acting Director of the Public Relations Department at An-Najah.

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