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After finishing my general secondary education, I wanted to enroll in the Public Relations and Communication Department at An-Najah National University. Unfortunately, my family refused the idea as the program was newly launched and I had less employment chance.

By: Anbarah Fattouh, Public Relations and Communication Department

Despite this, I insisted to be part of this department by choosing this active and dynamic specialization since it fits my personality well. At the beginning, I was not accepted because of my GPA, so I had to wait for the next semester for registration.

After finishing three years, I came to the conclusion that this specialization is not easy and it demands a lot of efforts. This is because it contains theoretical courses that need continuous study effort and follow-up and practical courses that need creativity and innovation. It should be noted that practical courses in particular demand working in groups and one must have team spirit and stamina.

My third year study was an amazing one. I was influenced positively as I travelled to many places around the world with my friends and had a lot of fun.

It is worth mentioning that this year has had many practical courses such as the Public Relations Strategies and Campaigns course where I and my colleagues presented a comprehensive proposal titled: “Deal of the Century and Raising Youth Awareness about the Importance of the Palestinian Cause”

I noticed that my personality changed for the better, I am more receptive to other people's opinions, more open to other cultures and less afraid of negative criticism.

In my last semester, I chose An-Najah University as a place for practical training. This is because the University is one of the best training places in Palestine.

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