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I am one of the volunteers at the Great People of September 2019 and my name is Samuele from ‎Switzerland. First of all, I want to thank everyone, the European volunteers and the Najah group ‎for the affection, hospitably, love that I received. It was a strong experience, sometimes difficult, ‎but certainly very exciting. For me this trip will remain one of the ones that helped me to grow ‎and that made me think a lot. I am very proud to have had this experience! I think that’s what a ‎trip is all about, going home with a little bit more in your luggage!‎

By: Samuele - Switzerland‎

The think I enjoyed being able to talk to the local people and hear their stories. I also have ‎enjoyed the visits we had (Bethlehem, desert, Ramallah, Hebron …). Palestine has very beautiful ‎landscapes! I really noticed a willingness to show us around and let us know as much as possible ‎Palestine and for this I am very enthusiastic.‎

I find it hard to describe what I felt and the affection I received, but surely something fantastic ‎is happening. In Europe there is a tendency, due to the media, to impose prejudice on people ‎towards these countries, for example: dangerous, not tolerant… In reality this is not so! Actually ‎here people are much more open and ready to help you, even if they suffer they don’t make the ‎victims! If I were Palestinian, I would be very proud of it! Surely every person is different, ‎everyone has their own character, but a people so humble and so supportive is hardly to find in ‎Europe.‎

Unfortunately, the ethical problems and hardships experienced by this people are ignored by ‎everyone in Europe; when we always talk about hypothetical walls, but we do not consider those ‎that exist!‎

I don’t have the superpowers to be able to change this situation on my own, but however, I can ‎try to recommend it to all my friends in a similar experience, and try to get to know the ‎Palestinian situation, so that people are more informed and not affected by the media.‎

I hope one day to return to this beautiful country, when peace will finally arrive to this region, As ‎I said before it was a very strong and moving experience, and just thinking about some scenes ‎make me cry. I wish with all my heart to these beautiful people that I have known a worthy ‎future, because they deserve it very much! Thank you for everything.‎

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