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It's Michael from Ireland and I participated at Zajel September Camp for two weeks at An-Najah ‎National University. The camp was very well organized from the start. We were greeted so ‎warmly by all of the local volunteers. The atmosphere was always very relaxed and friendly.‎

By: Michael - Ireland

The coordinators of Zajel Program always gave us plenty of information and orientation. All of ‎the local volunteers were very attentive and patient with us, even if we were running late ‎sometimes!‎

I must pay particular tribute to the camp leader Miss Maha Kayed, who coordinated the camp. ‎She worked very hard and was always helpful & understanding.‎

Coming to Palestine has been a dream for some years now for me, so I am so happy to have ‎achieved it. It is a beautiful country, and, more importantly, it’s people are so beautiful. Palestine ‎is the safest country that I have ever visited! Everywhere the people greeted us and made us ‎welcome.‎

We saw some amazing places; the historic sites are amazing!‎

Also we had a great time with each other, all of the European volunteers together, like a family. ‎We also got on really well with all of the local volunteers, we sang, danced and laughed together.‎

My favorite part of the camp, and the one that I will remember most, is my time with the ‎students in the workshops. It was great to get to know the students and, hopefully, give them ‎some ideas and some encouragement for the future.‎

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